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At GSM Graphic Arts we have been manufacturing products for the instrumentation market for over 40 years.

With this comes great responsibility to ensure that our printing, cutting and engineering are exceptionally accurate and with 4 decades experience coupled with our investment into the latest technology we have the best possible team to create precise and clear measuring instruments.

Instrumentation is the science of measurement and products used within this market are often exercised within manufacturing or production of products using instruments such as; sensors, thermometers and pressure measurement controllers to ensure absolute accuracy.

GSM manufactures printed fascias, graphic overlays and plastic control panels for use as the covering parts for many actuators, flowmeters and other measuring instruments. The overlays can house secret until lit windows, embossed buttons and clear or coloured display windows for ease of use and clear, accurate reading for the control of process variables.

Many products are used in harsh or outdoor environments and it is essential for the products to be durable and hard-wearing which is why GSM have developed graphic overlays and printed fascias that can withstand such conditions. Our under-surface printed fascias are manufactured using various thicknesses of clear plastic which are reverse printed to create a barrier to the ink so that the indicators or markers on the measuring equipment are protected from the usage it may receive. Reverse printing the graphic overlays also ensures that the front face of the product has a surface that can be cleaned and disinfected for use in clinical environments.

For more information on how GSM can manufacture your bespoke graphic overlays or printed fascias for your instrumentation products please click here to contact us or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to discuss your requirements with one of our sales team.

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