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30/11/2018 Its the most wonderful time of the year...

When GSM Graphic Arts manufactures and distributes the next year’s calendar coasters.

Looking back over 2018, it has been a year to remember…

GSM has exhibited at two trade exhibitions showcasing our range of labels, nameplates and fascia’s. We have passed our quality inspections with flying colours gaining accreditations for the coming year. As a team we enjoyed a BBQ in the sunshine and then manufactured labels that survived ‘that’ heat wave. Our team has expanded as the demand for quality metal and plastic labels and nameplates has increased. Investment into the latest technology has been made to ensure processes are the most efficient they can possibly be. Best of all we have gained some incredible feedback from our customer which we greatly appreciate.

Our calendar coaster represents our achievements throughout the year, highlighting products we have manufactured and a new year to look forward to and we give this as a gift to our customers as a thank you and in hope of continued prosperity for them.

If you have not already but would like to receive an anodised aluminium 2019 calendar coaster, please click here to request or call +44 (0) 1845 522184.