GSM veterans travel 24 times around the world!

GSM veterans travel 24 times around the world!

Twenty years service with any company is certainly worthy of celebration in these uncertain economic times. Three team members at Thirsk based metal and plastic nameplate manufacturer, GSM Graphic Arts, all joined the company on the same day in 1992.

Paul Wright, GSM General Manager, was delighted to accompany the three colleagues to a local jewellery shop whilst they chose their gifts.

Thirsk resident Jenny Sturdy chose a necklace. She has worked on product finishing, manufacturing metal nameplates in various roles and has embraced the new technologies as the company has continuously invested in new equipment. Jenny lives within walking distance of the Castlegarth Works’ metal and plastic nameplate factory.

It is a very different journey for both Dave Hogan and Phil Longstaff. They share a vehicle for their 150 mile round trip commute to and from Gateshead each day. They have covered over 600,000 miles in their twenty years manufacturing metal and plastic nameplates at GSM Graphic Arts. That’s TWENTY FOUR times around the world. Phil and Dave both joined the company after the demise of Gateshead based Edward H Thew & Co.

The nearest competitor in the very specialised manufacture of metal and plastic nameplates and fascias was GSM Graphic Arts in Thirsk. They decided to commute daily and have only missed one day due to bad weather in twenty years. A truly remarkable record.

Phil, who manages the precision etching department, and Dave, an engineer, both chose watches for their awards.

Barry Dodd, OBE, GSM Group CEO, presented the awards in a private ceremony as all three recipients had requested ‘no speeches’.

Paul Wright said “I have worked with these three very special people for most of their time at GSM Graphic Arts. They are a constant inspiration to everybody in the company”.

GSM Graphic Arts currently employ 62 people manufacturing metal and plastic nameplates at their Thirsk plant