GSM Graphic Arts Commitment to Sustainability

At GSM Graphic Arts, we are dedicated to continuously reducing our impact on the environment while providing exceptional labelling solutions to our clients globally.

Adopting sustainable business practices is critical in supporting the UK’s net zero strategy to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. Initiatives focusing on eco-friendly sustainability will benefit both businesses and the environment. Here are some of our successful initiatives in environmental action.

Our Successful Environmental Action Initiatives:

When we committed our business to the goal of increased sustainability, we had to develop a comprehensive strategy involving many different approaches to creating a green business. The following is a selection of successful initiatives that have turned GSM Graphic Arts into the sustainable company it is today.

Zero Landfill Since 2011

We are proud to have achieved and maintained a zero landfill status with our sustainable label manufacturing processes since 2011. We believe reducing waste across our entire supply chain is the most beneficial approach to environmental sustainability. As a result, we invest in responsible waste disposal and recycling methods that are the most effective across the waste hierarchy.

Recycling of All Raw Material and Chemical Waste

Eliminating our landfill contributions means finding reliable ways to dispose of our raw materials and chemical waste. This required us to find ecologically safe methods that prevent environmental contamination without sacrificing the high quality of our manufacturing processes.

For example, all raw material from our nameplate manufacturing and chemical waste from silkscreen printing in our production processes is efficiently recycled thanks to the specialist disposal companies we partner with.

On-Site Solar Generation

Renewable energy generation is another area we have explored to reduce carbon emissions. We initially invested 52kWh (kilowatt an hour) of on-site solar generation at our facility, but we extended this by a further 37kWh (totalling 89 kWh) in August 2023.

Additionally, since 2013, all electricity purchased or acquired has been sourced from green or renewable energy sources.

On-Site Battery Storage

We have on-site battery storage to ensure we capitalise on excess solar generation for our facility’s high-energy processes and develop reliable on-site energy generation that compensates for unexpected power cuts on the National Grid.

Waste Process Heat

We use waste process heat to heat the factory partially. This is particularly effective in winter, where the excess from our high-energy processes is reused to maintain a pleasant working environment for our team. The solar air heaters we have invested in assist in heating the factory. This innovative solution will help us utilise renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint further.

Use of 5251 Grade Aluminium

For our aluminium nameplates, we only use 5251-grade aluminium. This has 88.6% recycled content and is fully recyclable, making it a far more sustainable choice than alternatives. 5251 also reduces the need for virgin materials, reducing costs when sourcing materials and minimising the environmental impact related to mining and manufacturing.

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Cars

All company cars are now fully electric or plug-in hybrid, reducing the carbon footprint of our team members and our company.

Four-Day Week

In 2023, we adapted our operations to a four-day week to reduce our high-energy utility consumption. This also continues to improve our commitment to sustainability in the workplace and the work-life balance of our valued team members.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is either manufactured from fully recycled raw materials, fully recyclable or both. Additionally, all plastic-based packaging has a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Auto Shutdown Machines and Proximity LED Lighting

Auto-shutdown on most machines successfully reduces energy waste, allowing us to operate more efficiently and minimise their energy consumption. This is similar to a more common automated energy-saving strategy, motion-activated lighting.

All lighting has been LED since 2010, with the factory being controlled via proximity sensors; this ensures that our lighting energy is efficiently used only where people are working. Additionally, LED lights are significantly better for the environment than alternatives due to their longevity and minimal energy consumption.

GSM Graphic Arts: Sustainable Bespoke Label Solutions

At GSM Graphic Arts, we are committed to sustainability, and adopting eco-friendly practices has benefitted our operations, clients, and the environment enormously. By pursuing these sustainable initiatives, we are successfully doing our part in supporting the UK’s net zero goal whilst helping our customers to achieve their own green goals.

Our commitment to sustainability benefits the environment and our team members, customers, and stakeholders. Adopting sustainable business practices is critical to achieving a more sustainable future for all.

Please browse our range of sustainably created label products online, or contact us directly to discover how we can help your business.