Inaugural GSM Health and Safety Award

Inaugural GSM Health and Safety Award

This award is presented under the “GSM Safety For All Initiative” to the person who has made the largest contribution to Health and Safety throughout the year!

Trisha Addison was presented with the inaugural “GSM Graphic Arts’ Health and Safety award” in recognition of her exceptional personal contribution to Health and Safety within GSM’s Castlegarth Works’ metal and plastic nameplate factory.

Trisha has worked in the Engineering / Finishing Department for over six years, her hands-on experience gives her an excellent insight into the day to day operations and a better understanding of the Health and Safety issues faced by her colleagues in the GSM manufacturing environment.

As well as working hard to obtain the tight deadlines assigned to her and the department she works in, Trisha has also managed to successfully complete an NVQ in Team Leadership and Management during 2012 but she has never let any of this compromise her strict attitude towards Health and Safety around GSM Graphic Arts.

The award was presented in front of the whole staff with everyone very proud of Trisha and how she continues to help make GSM Graphic Arts a safer place to work!

Well done Trisha – our Health and Safety champion!