Graphic Overlay specialists

Graphic Overlay specialists

Fascias? Graphic Overlays? Control Panels? However you refer to them, they are a vital piece of your Product, they are one of the first things the operator sees and one of the most used parts of your Product!

Whether it’s a Graphic Overlays covering the control panel for a lighting desk, graphic overlay for Gas detection equipment or even a graphic overlay on a garden lawnmower, GSM Graphic Arts Ltd can manufacture Graphic Overlays that will show the crucial information that an operator needs to enable them to control your product.

GSM Graphic Arts manufacture Graphic Overlays for a vast range of industries including fault finding control panels and graphic overlays on the dashboards of public transport, right through to the graphic overlay that enables you to control the sound emitted from your amplifier whilst playing guitar.

At GSM Graphic Arts we can offer many different finishes on your graphic overlay including:

• Selectively embossed buttons on the graphic overlay
• Gloss and frosted LCD and LED window areas
• Secret until lit windows
• Fully engineered assemblies (i.e. The Graphic Overlay assembled to the metal backing plate including studs etc)
• Digitally printed Graphic Overlays or Screen printed Graphic Overlays, depending on your requirements and batch size
• Subsurface printed graphic overlay to make your Graphic Overlay more durable.

With nearly 40 years manufacturing graphic overlays and many investments in new technology we are able to offer Graphic Overlays in a wide variety of metal and plastics to your specifications.
That’s what makes GSM Graphic Arts Ltd – The Label, Nameplate and Fascia specialist!

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