Fascia Panels

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Fascia Panels

Fascia Panels

Our bespoke fascia panels that are manufactured at our factory in Yorkshire, offer a variety of finishes to provide full durability whilst also being visually appealing.

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GSM Graphic Arts has over 40 years’ experience as UK fascia panel manufacturers. Within these 40 years of manufacturing, we have worked with many industries providing fascia panels that meet the needs and specification of the required product.

We can supply the fascia panels using a variety of materials and manufacturing methods including; under-surface printed plastic panels, fully anodised aluminium panels and etched & filled stainless steel panels to ensure that we offer the perfect solution.

For printed fascias, we have the capability to print using state of the art digital printing system which can re-create full photographic imagery and is useful for smaller prototype or pre-production runs. We offer under-surface printed plastic labels or fully anodised aluminium fascia panels that are digitally printed to create a hard-wearing, industrial graphic fascia.

Fascia panels are supplied and intended to be used functionally but also be the face of your product. Therefore, the design and manufacturing process must be of upmost quality to ensure exquisite durability whilst boasting attractive graphics.

For further information or to receive a quotation for your bespoke fascia panels, please contact us to speak with the team.