New design anodised aluminium calendar coaster for 2013

New design anodised aluminium calendar coaster for 2013

GSM’s 2013 anodised aluminium Calendar Coaster is produced using our unique print-into-metal Primodise digital printing process. This provides a hard-wearing digitally printed, anodised aluminium finish.

The anodised aluminium calendar coasters demonstrate the high quality ‘Primodise’ digital printing that GSM can achieve with this unique process in which the image is digitally printed into a pre-anodised aluminium surface and then sealed into the grain of the material.

Primodise is a high quality digital printing & anodising process suitable for a wide range of applications including product logo badges, rating & serial number labels, barcode tags, control panels and signs. Providing full colour images on a hard-wearing finish Primodise anodised aluminium has been tested for UV durability and so is also suitable for exterior applications.

To demonstrate the fine detail of the digital printing image that can be achieved we have incorporated a ‘QR code’ within the 2013 anodised aluminium calendar coaster which, when scanned with a smart phone, connects the phone’s browser directly to our website, a feature which provides a convenient link all year round to keep you up to date with the latest innovations from GSM Graphic Arts.

To request your free 2013 calendar coaster or for further information on Primodise anodised aluminium, and any other of GSM’s label and nameplate processes, please call our Technical Sales Team on +44 (0)1845 522184