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Digital Printing

Under Surface Printed Barcodes
Digital printing
Digitally Printed and Anodised Aluminium

We spearhead digital printing for various labelling solutions. Our team has extensive experience with digital printing polycarbonate labels, polyester labels, graphic overlays, and fascia panels using our highly advanced flatbed UV digital print system.

Comparing Screen Printing to Digital Printing

Digital printing is a process we initially invested in many years ago. Still, it has developed greatly and at quite a speed, so much so that we have superseded the first digital printer that was used at GSM. This is why we continue to invest heavily in machine upgrades and employee training.

Screen printing is a process where a mesh screen is used to push ink through to create detail. Alternatively, digital printing uses a PC to generate artwork as the image is broken down into tiny pieces called pixels, which are then printed onto the substrate. This enables the reproduction of photographic imagery and variable information, including serial numbers and barcode/QR codes. Whilst both processes have their purpose, that will depend heavily on the complexity of the printed design. Digital printing is the process we choose when a design has a high number of different colours, as our digital systems will print them far quicker.

No Print Minimum

With digital printing, you can be more flexible and print low volumes of your order. Rather than committing to unnecessary bulk orders that the screen alternative would require to make the investment worth it. This is largely due to a digital printer’s ability to print multiple colours without interference.

Tailored Barcodes and Other Unique Data on Individual Labels

Once our team prepares the data, our digital printing house will create variable labels with unique data. With variable data digital printing, each label will contain unique information rather than the entire print being uniform. This is often used for product identification, tracking, inventory control and even security measures.

Broad Material Usability and Durability

Clear material is used when digitally printing these labels so we can reverse or under-surface print. This means that the material will create a protective barrier for the printed inks, making the label, nameplate or overlay very durable.

We can also offer clear display windows, coloured LED windows, and secret until-lit areas, which can be easily printed because the digital machines are able to be selective over where they print but also due to the precision control over how much ink is deposited can offer differing levels of opaque-ness.

We may also digitally print onto a variety of metals, including stainless steel, brass and aluminium. We pride ourselves on the investment we have (and continue to) put into digital printing into anodised aluminium. Anodising aluminium is the process of electrically charging aluminium, which in turn opens the metal pores. Using specialist digital printing machinery, we can then print ink into the pores and seal the aluminium so that the detail is sealed beneath the anodic layer.

Types of Labels Using Digital Printing

Digital printing significantly benefits several types of labels. Polycarbonate labels reap the advantages, producing durable and professional results. Polyester labels, on the other hand, display robustness and are suitable for exterior use.

Digital printing also manifests beautifully on graphic overlays serving interactive interface applications. Lastly, digitally printed fascia panels enjoy brilliantly vivid prints, enhancing their user interface alignment. Elsewhere, from logo badges to control panels, universal applications of digital printing redefine customisation and quality.

Investment and Confidence in Our Digital Printed Labels

Our substantial investment in digital printing houses high-end equipment capable of printing on aluminium at our premises. We manufacture durable labels with photographic precision and sequential information with confidence.

For further information on GSM’s digital printing capabilities, please call our sales team at 01845 522 184 or request a quotation online today.

For further information on GSM’s digital printing capabilities please call our sales team on 01845 522 184 or request a quotation online today.


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