Spotlight On: Sports & Leisure Industry

Spotlight On: Sports & Leisure Industry

The sports and leisure industry is about people enjoying sport, keeping fit, improving their health and having fun. The industry encompasses professional sport at both playing and coaching levels, and more casual leisure facilities that are enjoyed by everyone across the country, and includes such facilities as swimming pools, bowling alleys, casinos and summer camps.

Sport and leisure involve a lot of equipment that often needs appropriate labels and badges to help prevent misuse, provide maintenance information or provide warnings. Due to the nature of the industry, these labels need to be hardwearing and able to withstand the outdoor elements, such is the Great British weather. We are going to take a look at some of the GSM Graphic Art’s products that are available for the sports and leisure industry.


Warning and Product Labels

Sports and leisure facilities require equipment, and this equipment needs to have the correct warning and product labelling to make users aware of how to operate them and ensure proper usage. Whether it’s a bike, a golf bag or a tennis ball machine, any equipment that is used for sport and leisure should be appropriately labelled.

At GSM Graphic Arts, all of our products are made to order and can meet all your specific requirements. Our aluminium labels can be mechanically processed so they have all the required functions required, which is great for sport and leisure equipment which may have buttons and handles that users need access to.

With our digital printing, the labels can be produced with multi-coloured images that are anodised to provide a hardwearing finish perfect for all outdoor applications, ideal for sports equipment. We can also provide more affordable plastic labels that have been laser cut, allowing us to add fine details to the labels.

Equipment Nameplates

Products suitable for the outdoors are our speciality, and we can provide you with outdoor equipment nameplates that have digitally printed, high resolution images and logos with multi-colouring and shading. Our anodising technique seals the print into the aluminium to create a water and scratch resistant surface.

These nameplates are tested to ensure they are stable for a minimum of five years, which is perfect for ensuring that they do not fade or discolour when used on outdoor equipment. Your logo will be clearly visible on your sports and leisure equipment no matter how much strenuous activity they get put through.

Equipment Nameplates

Outdoor Label

At GSM Graphic Arts, we manufacture a range of weatherproof labels suitable for all kinds of outdoor applications. Whether it’s logo badges or warning signs, our labels can withstand the outdoor elements to provide safety or maintenance information on outdoor sports equipment. We aim to ensure that your labels are readable for the duration of your equipment’s lifespan, guaranteeing legibility for at least five years.

We can make outdoor labels from a range of materials including anodised aluminium and plastic, depending on the application needs. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing outdoor labels, we can offer you the best solution for your sports and leisure needs.

Control Panel

Some sports and leisure facilities require more intricate labelling solutions. An automatic bowling machine, for example, requires a control panel for users to operate while playing. We can provide you with panels that are both durable and long-lasting, and designed with an eye-catching, high visual impact.

GSM Graphic Arts are a one stop service for control panels; both their design and production. Our aluminium control panels can be screen or digitally printed, and the aluminium can be anodised to create a durable and scratch-proof finish to the surface, making them perfect for the high traffic use in the sports and leisure industry.

Graphic Overlay

Underwater Labels

Swimming pools and boats are a leisure facility that require many labels and signs in order to provide safety information to those using water-based facilities. As such, waterproof labels are needed to ensure that these labels remain readable even when wet or submerged.

We can provide labels suitable for underwater applications. These labels can be under surface digitally or silkscreen printed to protect the ink, and both types can be produced to meet your requirements. They are tested to ensure they retain colour stability for a minimum of five years.

Domed Badges

Tip top branding is a crucial part of the successful marketing of a product. You want your sports and leisure equipment to have eye-catching, durable logo badges that will stand out and make the users aware of the company that manufactured the equipment.

Our 3D domed badges and labels can match any style and colour so that it is completely congruent with your brand. We can digitally print your logo onto plastic, aluminium or stainless steel to create a stunning, bold design that stands out. The badge is then covered with a high gloss polyurethane resin to provide that glorious bubble dome effect, giving you a high-quality badge to promote your equipment.

Like our other badges, the domed badges can also be produced with UV stability, so they are perfectly useable outside without becoming faded or damaged. Make sure your branding stands out with a domed badge from GSM Graphic Arts.

Domed Badges

We are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of high-quality labelling products. We can provide you with everything you need from specialised labels, graphic overlays and rugged labels. Not only can we match your branding, we can produce labels of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to design and produce a solution for you.

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