Spotlight On: Medical Industry

Spotlight On: Medical Industry

The medical industry requires a wide range of products that are capable of being properly disinfected to minimise infection risk. With this in mind, all equipment and products used in this setting need to be manufactured to the very highest standard, with durability and longevity in mind.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most common products that are used within the industry and why GSM Graphic Arts are the go-to manufacturer of all manner of products in the sector.

Barcode Labels In The Medical Industry

In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in orders of barcode labels within the medical industry, with hospitals and medical institutions using barcodes for a range of applications. The most common uses of barcode labels in the medical industry are for stock control, equipment tracking and asset management.

To guarantee the longevity of these barcodes, here at GSM Graphic Arts, we will predominantly utilise two processes to achieve a hard-wearing finish. We would usually recommend using either the under-surface plastic or anodised aluminium depending on the end-use of the product.

Specialist Labels

Hard Wearing Specialist Labels For The Medical Industry

When it comes to the medical industry, specialist labels are required in abundance for a whole host of applications. It’s obviously essential that any labels used within this industry are capable of withstanding regular rigorous cleaning and disinfecting cleaning routines, so durable specialist labels are ideal to withstand these conditions.

At GSM Graphic Arts, we utilise clear polycarbonate or polyester to manufacture hard-wearing plastic labels for the medical industry. Reverse printing onto these materials is a great way to ensure the longevity of the text, as a barrier is created between the exposed area and the ink.  Plastic labels are used extensively within the medical industry and are usually found on machines and equipment used in the sector. The same process is utilised during the manufacturing of control panels and graphic overlays for those same machines.

Warning Label

Warning Labels – A Must For The Medical Industry

With so many potentially dangerous machines and substances being used in the medical industry, it’s obviously important that warning labels are used to highlight any potentially dangerous areas of the workplace.

At GSM Graphic Arts we utilise an anodised aluminium method which involves the aluminium being electrically charged to open its pores, this allows us to print your unique details onto the pores of the material – ensuring the printed detail will last on the product for years to come. The ink is sealed beneath the anodic layer, which effectively provides protection from any external elements, whilst also giving the product a scratch-resistant, hard-wearing surface.

Specialist Warning Label

The medical industry requires all products to be of the highest standard, from a durability point of view, but also in terms of aesthetics. That’s why we place heavy emphasis on ensuring that all of our products are manufactured with both durability and overall aesthetics in mind. When it comes to labels that will be seen by a wide range of individuals, from health care professionals to patients, it really is vital that all products are manufactured to the very highest order.

If you work within the medical industry and would like to find out how GSM Graphic Arts can help you, be sure to get in touch with our experts. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all of your queries, so don’t hesitate and contact us via our simple online enquiry form or you can call us on 01845 522184.