Spotlight On: The Transport Sector

Spotlight On: The Transport Sector

Great communication is important in any job, but it’s especially important in industries which heavily rely on graphics to communicate safety protocols. The transport sector is one of these, and we are a company that understands your needs and requirements as a business in transportation.

Most of the activity enacted by the transport industry occurs outdoors, which means that hardwearing labels that can persevere in inclement weather are a necessity. You need to be able to communicate successfully through your signs and labels, and we can provide labelling that achieves that.

We are going to take a look at some of GSM Graphic Art’s products that we have available for the transport industry.


Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates are often used on wagons and lorries. They need the durability provided by metallic surfaces so that their meaning isn’t lost to erosion or weathering. Our metal nameplates are extremely durable – we produce only the highest quality labels.

Depending on your purpose, we may recommend that your metal labels be constructed from aluminium, stainless steel, or even brass. These different metals have differing properties, meaning that one may be more suitable than another depending on your intended use for the label.

Anodised Aluminium

Our anodised aluminium nameplates are a type of metal nameplate, made from aluminium. Aluminium is a fairly flexible metal, and we can produce labels in varying thicknesses between 0.3mm and 3mm as a result of its qualities.

Anodising the aluminium is a process by which the metal is electrically charged in a sulphuric acid solution. This oxidises the pores of the material, which allows us to digitally ink the metal with your designs. When this is complete, we seal the anodised finish to ensure that your designs are scratchproof and resistant to the world’s weather.

No job is too small – we can reproduce full colour images as well as barcodes. We can also produce at low volumes at reasonable prices, including prototyping and development batches.

Stainless Steel

We might recommend our stainless steel nameplates over our anodised aluminium labels on occasion, specifically if the intended use for the label is going to involve severe wearing. Our 304 or 316 chemically etched stainless steel plates will endure in even the most challenging environments.

These steel nameplates are most typically used in the marine and oil industry, so they will surely be durable enough for use as general transport signage.

We also offer a variety of finishes for stainless steel products, including brushed, bright, and satin. Your product should be cosmetically attractive as well as industrially reliable.

Stainless Steel

Plastic Labels

Plastic labels are growing in popularity with the growth of electrical vehicle usage. Whether you need polyester or polycarbonate labels, we can provide these and more. Plastic labels can also be embossed or raised to house switches or buttons, should you require that.

Plastic is an extremely flexible material, so we can fashion it to a variety of thicknesses and shapes.

Plastic Labels

GSM Graphic Arts produce faithful products that match your brief, but our specialist design team can also offer their advice – should you need it. Our team are here to help you; they can spot an issue with the given design and the size of the label, a typo, or an issue with specifications. Working with us to produce your labels means that you’re working with dedicated label specialists.

If you’re interested in any of our products, we recommend that you get in contact with us for a quote. You can read more about our work with the transport industry on our page.

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