Spotlight On: Audio, Visual & Lighting Industry

Spotlight On: Audio, Visual & Lighting Industry

Our control panel assemblies have so many uses in a range of industries, but in this article, we will be considering how our fascia panels and logo badges have improved businesses working in audio, visual and lighting.


Key Sectors In Audio, Visual & Lighting Industry

The audio visual industry, also known as the AV industry, focuses on electronic media with both sound and visual components. This can include manufacturing for televisions, films, theatres and churches, or even the manufacturing of individual components of certain products.

Within the industry, there is a subset known as residential audiovisual which comprises of all the things which make a fantastic entertainment venue. This may include lighting and blinds for cinema rooms, as well as recessed speakers for screens and projectors.

The most profitable area of the audiovisual and lighting industry is the commercial sector, with some examples of uses for commercial audiovisual include crafting boardrooms which incorporate these technologies for worldwide conferences.

Our role in this is to provide graphic support for the industries manufacturing the products that will be used in situations such as these.

Our Process

Our technical knowledge and expertise in graphic overlay design ensures that we can provide maximum precision and alignment of your requested design on the metalwork you require. We work with you to create a design that suits your brand and the product it’s being applied to so that you can achieve the information you need on your badge or panel.

We can craft your product from a range of materials depending on the environment that you’re going to use your panel, badge or label in. For example, in environments where you need your signage to withstand extreme temperatures, we may recommend our metal graphic overlays.

Graphic Overlay

Our Experience With Audio, Visual & Lighting Industries

Previously, we have produced product branding badges alongside serial number rating plates in various materials for top UK loudspeaker and hi-fi manufacturing companies. We are not only highly experienced in making our product, but we also offer brilliant customer service. You can expect a close relationship between your business and our own during the creation of your product, from the drawing board to the final piece.

Commonly Used Products

Some of our popular products include die-cast badges, brass nameplates and roll labels – smart, durable items with plenty of options for use in many businesses. For many environments, glossy plastic is a worthy investment as it is durable, glossy, easy to clean, and sustains impactful designs.

For electronic equipment, you will need labels that convey important information about certifications and wattage. We can provide precise labelling which lasts, and we will also offer you designing advice during your product journey. More than just functional, however, your logistical information labels could be a part of your branding with our bespoke options – add your logo to your label.

Serial Number & Rating Plates

Why Use GSM Graphic Arts

Our bespoke products and excellent customer services have been impressing our customers for years. Here are some of the reviews we have received from Google reviewers:

Hazel Bowman

‘Great company to deal with, the communication is excellent and fast lead time on products. They go the extra mile if an order is urgent.’

Tia Ferguson

‘I would very much like to commend GSM on their excellent customer service. We are overall very thankful to GSM Graphic Arts Ltd for helping us fulfil our customer requirements within a demanding setting.’

William Hackett

‘We have dealt with GSM for a number of years and the quality of product and service is second to none. Looking forward to many years of continued excellence.’


We frequently exceed our customers’ expectations, so trust us to provide you with a fantastic product and service. We can talk you through any questions or queries that you might have regarding our business.