Spotlight On: Refrigeration & Catering Industry

Spotlight On: Refrigeration & Catering Industry

When you are producing products for the food processing line, packaging, or on the service counter of a restaurant, you need to ensure that your labels and graphics are appropriate for this industry that places high importance on health and safety.

Hardwearing badges and labels that won’t come off or discolour are essential in an industry that provides food to consumers.

While currently the catering industry is at a standstill due to COVID19, when it starts up again in early July, there is going to be an even bigger focus on health and safety with many places of businesses implementing changes to ensure they can operate without endangering their workers or customers.

We are going to take a look at some of GSM Graphic Art’s products that we have available for the refrigeration and catering industry.

Catering Industry

Control Panel Overlays

We use printed Lexan polycarbonate and autotype polyester for our control panel overlays on refrigeration, processing and cooking equipment. With these materials, our overlays can have embossed switch areas, clear display windows and LEDs.

Clear window displays are ideal for viewing electronic displays and high-resolution graphics. With embossed switches, you can activate them through the overlay or holes can be fitted that allows the switches and dials to be fitted within.

At GSM, we can colour match to any specification and incorporate selective textures into the design. Our comprehensive range of finishes ensures that we can provide you with an ideal control panel overlap to suit your industry needs.

Control Panel

3D Domed Badges

Branding is a crucial element to any industry, and we can provide you with a logo that stands out with our 3D domed badges and labels. We can digitally print your logo onto a wide range of materials to create bright, eye-catching designs. These are then covered with a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin which creates the domed bubble effect that will ensure your logo is clearly visible.

With a suitable adhesive to ensure its durability, we can provide you with domed badges that are ideal for the catering and refrigeration industry.

Stainless Steel Nameplates

We have been manufacturing nameplates for over four decades, so we can offer you a high-quality service that will provide you with reliable nameplates in the most severe and challenging environments. Our nameplates are chemically etched and then infilled with colour before being baked to provide you with a durable label. The stainless steel is corrosion resistant, so it can be used in the catering and refrigeration industry to label equipment without risk of the etchings being damaged or becoming unreadable.

Stainless Steel Nameplates

Control Panels

In a catering environment where equipment is subjected to the likes of jet washing, you need products that are hardwearing. That’s why our etched stainless steel control panels are durable and scratch-resistant, as well as chemical resistant.

With anodised aluminium, their durable and solvent resistant anodised finish provides our control panels with a smooth, hardwearing and wipe clean finish, perfect for the messy catering and refrigeration environment.

Catering Labels

Many products in the catering and refrigeration industry will require equipment labels, and we manufacture them using a wide range of materials suitable for catering equipment needs.

A rating plate or logo badge may be needed for a product, and we can manufacture them in both aluminium and stainless steel. Our aluminium badges include a range of finishes including polished, brushed, diamond-cut or even coloured logos raised out of a printed background.

We can digitally print catering labels and provide a variety of information, including serial numbers used for asset tracking. Our labels can withstand the harsh washing common in the catering industry, and as they are chemically etched, they are also heat and water-resistant.

At GSM Graphic Arts, we have many years of experience providing labels and badges to the catering and refrigeration industry. Whether you need graphic overlays, logo badges or specialist labels, our extensive manufacturing capabilities and innovating technology allow us to provide you with exactly what you need.

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