A ‘Golden Oldie’

A ‘Golden Oldie’

Brass nameplates are an old favourite for many buyers of labels & nameplates and GSM continues to manufacture after over 40 years.

Companies within all industry sectors continue to use brass nameplates and they are still extremely popular within the audio market as well as the oil & gas market.

Brass nameplates are used for a wide range of applications in the form of brass serial plates for equipment right through to brass logo badges for product branding.

With the option to chemically etch away the detail on the brass and then infill the area with colourful paint, GSM can offer the perfect solution to your brass labels that is also durable enough for outdoor applications.

If you would like to discuss our brass nameplates further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1845 522184 or click here to request some samples.