Serial Number Rating Plates

GSM Graphic Arts are bespoke serial number rating plate manufacturers. Whether it's a vinyl serial number plate or a hard wearing, durable rating plate that you need, we can work with you to offer the best solution.

Serial Number Rating Plates

GSM Graphic Arts are bespoke serial number rating plate manufacturers. Whether it's a vinyl serial number plate or a hard wearing, durable rating plate that you need, we can work with you to offer the best solution.

Serial No Rating Plates
Serial Plates
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Serial number rating plates are used within almost all industries. The catering industry, for example, requires serial number plates to record information on to. These need to be able to endure harsh washing detergents. A plastic serial number rating plate that is under-surface printed with water resistant adhesive to the rear will do the job.

Anodised aluminium serial number rating plates can also provide a solution as a rugged barcode.

Various Manufacturing Process Available

Digitally printing into the pores of the electrically charged metal enables us at GSM to provide serial number rating plates with variable data on them to ensure that your products are individual and can be identified as a singular item and also as part of a range. Alternatively, we can laser engrave or stamp sequential numbers onto anodised aluminiumetched nameplates and stainless steel nameplates.

High Performance Even in Harsh Environments

Rating plates can tend to be used in quite harsh environments meaning that they may need to be able to withstand some severe weather or chemical cleansing or temperatures. For this need we can manufacture stainless steel decals that have been chemically etched and filled to ensure maximum resistance against certain factors that may cause issues for certain industries.

We can provide the rating plates with either strong, weatherproof adhesive and / or rivet holes, punched to specified sizes to ensure that the metal rating plate cannot be removed or defaced.

As the serial number rating plates we manufacture are bespoke to your requirements, we have a wide variety of ways in which we can tailor them in order to meet your needs.

Not only can we add your personalised logo to your serial number plates, but we can help you identify each product through the use of serial data numbers that are generated by your company.

Enquire for Custom Serial Number Rating Plates

For further information about how GSM Graphics Arts can help your company achieve durable, sequential numbered serial number rating plates, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01845 522 184 or request a brochure today.

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