Cover Panels, Overlays, Labels & Enclosures

We are leading suppliers of bespoke cover panels, overlays, labels and enclosures for control panels. Manufactured using quality materials with leading in-house processes, we offer durable, long-lasting and highly-visual solutions for all applications and market sectors.

Control panels allow users to monitor and operate industrial machinery or processes from one specific, centralised area. They house a range of electronic displays and components.

For ease and safety of use, these control panels require covers, graphic overlays, labels and enclosure components. There are typically areas for various push buttons, switches and even LCD screens; these are used to input commands, adjust settings and view information about the status of the machine or process.

Quality Materials & Leading In-house Manufacturing Processes

Whether you have an existing product or a new control panel in the early stages of development, we can assist you with design and prototypes, ensuring a solution that meets your specification and budget.

Our range of specialist in-house processes enables us to offer a robust, long-lasting solution tailored to your precise application and budget.

  • Anodised aluminium with digitally printed graphics: Anodised aluminium is suited superbly to harsh exterior environments. During the anodising process, we can print digitally onto the metal’s open pores, allowing us to recreate any type of design or colour combination; perfect for a highly visual solution.
  • Laser cut and printed acrylic panels: We can cut and shape control panel components from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic. Lightweight, shatterproof and UV resistant, this material offers excellent clarity and even chemical resistance.
  • Etched and filled stainless steel: By using an acid solution to wear away certain sections of the metal not masked by a ‘chemical resist’, we can create a solution of remarkable durability and exceptional corrosion resistance. This can be infilled with paints to suit your design requirements.
  • Powder coated and printed metal panels: Powder is applied to a metal and heated, causing it to bond to the surface. The result is a solution resistant to corrosion, fading scratches — perfectly suited to challenging applications.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice on materials and processes for your application. All of these products can be manufactured to your desired colour, shape and thickness.

Experienced Working with Your Market Sector

The specialist knowledge and how-how we have accrued since 1974 enables us to manufacture the perfect solution for your control panel’s environment. Just a few of the industries we cater for include…

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Our secret to almost 50 years of success is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s something we pride ourselves on — we strive to provide a level of service that is only matched by the premium quality of our products.

“Great company to deal with, the communication is excellent and fast lead time on products. They go the extra mile if an order is urgent.”

“We have dealt with GSM for a number of years and the quality of product and service is second to none. Looking forward to many years of continued excellence from Sarah and the GSM team.”

“Great products and prices. A reliable supplier!”

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Control Panel Manufacturers

All of the products we offer conform to the highest manufacturing quality standards, ISO 9001:2008 — so you can be sure of a long-lasting, high-performance product for your control panel, built to last in your intended environment.

Our state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facilities and leading printing processes allow us to have complete control over the finished product.

If your control panel is situated outdoors, you might be interested to learn that our products are UV durable and independently tested for colour stability and readability for a minimum of five years.

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We aim to be a one-stop service for the supply of control panel covers, overlays, labels or enclosures.

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