Antimicrobial Labels

Antimicrobial Labels
anti bacterial labels

Antimicrobial Labels

Antimicrobial Labels

We offer anti-bacterial labels to meet your requirements whether they are to be used in a washroom environment, medical or even hotels and leisure centres. This is achieved by either using a coated material or, in the case of anodised aluminium nameplates, applying an anti-microbial varnish to the finished label.

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Anti-bacterial Labels Suitable For A Range Of Applications

Whether your requirement is for a wipe-clean graphic overlay (used to activate mechanical switches located behind the overlay), anodised aluminium push plates on washroom doors or simply a rating label for products being used in a sensitive environment, GSM offers an antimicrobial label solution suitable for you.

Hygienic Materials As Well As Anti-Bacterial Varnish Coatings

Both the material and varnish contain agents that prevent the ability of micro-organisms to develop on the surface of the protected labels, and are effective against all bacteria. This makes them suitable for use in healthcare and food processing environments, in fact anywhere which requires anti-bacteria protection.

Before offering a quotation for antimicrobial labels we will ask for the type of environment the labels will be used in. This, along with the application and the type of protection required, will ensure that we offer the right antibacterial label type for your application. It will also ensure that the level of protection you require is met by the product we supply.

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