Military Map Protractors
Military Map Protractors

Military Map Protractors

Military Map Protractors, Scales & Gauges

At GSM, we are official, MOD-registered British manufacturers of acrylic military map reading protractors, scales and gauges.

We boast years of experience supplying official MOD products for the military sector. By combining quality customer service with industry-leading processes, materials and finishes, we are perfectly equipped to meet any need with a robust, durable solution.

  • Specialist material used
  • Approved military map manufacturer
  • Various options available
  • Supplied fully assembled
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Manufacturing products for military use requires not only superior materials and finishes, but a wealth of experience and specialist know-how.

We’re proud of our long-established record in providing the military with a range of solutions, including MOD-approved map reading protractors and gauges. All of our products are manufactured in house to the highest standards — ISO 9001:2008.

To begin your enquiry, complete the form below, email or phone 01845 522 184. If you’re unsure of a few details, don’t worry — simply provide as much information as you can and one of our team will be in touch.


    Trust Our Unrivalled Expertise & Experience In Producing Military Products 

    With over 45 years’ experience, we’re amongst the leaders when it comes to manufacturing and supplying approved military map protractors, scales and gauges. It’s our uncompromising aim to provide the most durable, practical products to suit your needs — meeting the stringent demands placed upon them.

    As required by the MOD, all of our military map reading protractors can be supplied with official QR barcode labels. To make the process viable for small production runs as well as the higher volume requirements, these products can also be digitally printed in multi colours and laser cut to profile.

    Our range includes:

    6” RA Mils Artillery Protractor – NSN 4V6 1290-99-968-1197 & 9” RA Mils Protractor – NSN 4V6 1290-99-960-6625

    These are standard issue British military Royal Artillery (RA) semi-circular 6” & 9” protractors. They are produced using 1.5mm extruded acrylic printed in black and red, with a protective hard-coating. Each is supplied with countersunk holes, string and a removable blue protective overlay.

    GPS Cased Protractor & 1:50,000 Range Arm – NSN 4V6 1290-99-960-4802

    This is a standard issue British military GPS circular protractor. It is produced using 2mm hard-coated clear 45 resist acrylic, printed in black, including fitments and 2mm hard coated acrylic 1:50,000 range arm, and comes in an olive green canvas case.

    One Arm Protractor – NSN 4V6 6675-99-410-7973

    This is a standard issue British military one arm 3mm extruded acrylic protractor with a semi-circular body. It features a 20,000 Mils Graduation Unit, 0 to 1300 Mils both-sides scale with brass fitments and a pivoting 3mm extruded acrylic arm.

    Displacement Calculator – NSN 4V6 1290-99-963-5628 (OS2443GA)

    This displacement calculator is a 1.5mm hard coated clear PVC disc, assembled to multi printed HP polycarbonate. It has a 1.5mm PVC backboard.

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    As one of the UK leading label manufacturers we pride ourselves on our leading levels of quality and customer service. We utilise our comprehensive range of leading processes when producing all of our labels, such as polyester labels, metal name plates, and QR code labels. However large or small your need, trust us at GSM to provide a bespoke, robust, MOD-official solution.

    To begin your enquiry, fill in the order form above, email, or call us on 01845 522 184.

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