Military Map Protractors

Military Map Protractors
Military Map Protractors

Military Map Protractors

Military Map Protractors

GSM Graphic Arts is an official, MOD registered, British manufacturer of acrylic military map protractors and map reading scales.

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For many years now GSM has produced a range of approved military map protractors and military map reading gauges for the MOD. These are produced using a range of materials and finishes. We have outline these materials below:

6” RA Mils Artillery Protractor – NSN 4V6 1290-99-968-1197 & 9” RA Mils Protractor – NSN 4V6 1290-99-960-6625

These are standard issue British Military Royal Artillery Semi-circular 6” & 9” Protractors, produced using 1.5mm Extruded Acrylic printed in black & red with protective hard-coating, supplied with countersunk holes, string and removable blue protective overlay.

GPS Cased Protractor & 1:50,000 Range Arm – NSN 4V6 1290-99-960-4802

The standatd issue British Military GPS Circular Protractor. This is produced using 2mm Hard Coated Clear 45 Resist Acrylic, printed in black, including fitments and 2mm Hard Coated Acrylic 1:50,000 Range Arm, This protractor is supplied in Olive Green Canvas Case.

One Arm Protractor – NSN 4V6 6675-99-410-7973

A standard issue British Military One Arm 3mm Extruded Acrylic protactor with Semi-circular body, 20,000 Mils Graduation Unit, 0 to 1300 Mils both sides scale with Brass fitments and Pivoting 3mm Extruded Acrylic Arm.

Displacement Calculator – NSN 4V6 1290-99-963-5628 (OS2443GA)

The displacement Calculater is a 1.5mm Hard Coated Clear PVC Disc, assembled to Multi Printed HP Polycarbonate, & 1.5mm PVC Backboard.

Enquire About Military Map Reading Protractors

At GSM Graphic Arts we can supply all of these military map reading protractors with official barcode labels as required by the MOD. The military map protractors are one of a number of different scales and gauges which are custom made according to our customer specifications.

These protractors can be digitally printed in multi-colours and laser cut to profile in order to make the process viable for small production runs as well as the higher volume requirements, enabling GSM to offer the most practical solution for your particular requirement.

Call a member of our sales team on 01845 522 184 in order to discuss your requirements for artillery protractors and acrylic scales, or request a quotation online today.

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