Injection Moulded Badges

Injection Moulded Badges

Injection Moulded Badges

Injection moulded badges are an excellent way to badge your products and provide a hard wearing and economical high quality 3D badge solution.

  • High quality 3D badge solutions
  • Choice of coloured plastic
  • Option for holes, adhesive or pins for fixing
  • A hard wearing, durable finish
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Do you need bespoke, injection moulded badges?

We’re keen to assist with your labelling requirement so please either complete the form below or email us with your enquiry and we’ll reply with a quotation.

Ideally please confirm the quantity required, size, colours and the application of the label. However if you’re uncertain of the exact details then please give as much detail as you can and we’d be happy to advise on the best option accordingly.


    We can reproduce your logo badge using low cost machined aluminium tooling to mould the 3D badge using a choice of different materials depending on the application, these include HIPS, ABS and PP amongst others. During the moulding process the material is heated to a liquid and injected into the tooling cavity which is then cooled to harden the plastic and retain the shape of the badge.

    Once moulded in your choice of coloured plastic the raised detail on the badge can be hot-foil tipped in a number of coloured foils including silver and gold as well as a range of standard colours.

    Typically we can produce any badge size up to 300 x 200mm and the badges can be any regular shape or they can be profiled to your requirements.

    We can supply the injection moulded badges flat backed with a self-adhesive pad or fixing holes can be incorporated within the badge itself. Alternatively the badges can be moulded with pins for location or for fixing the badges with a spring washer applied from the rear.

    Our injection moulded badges can be used for a variety of application including product branding, nameplates, promotional items and bag tags. Contact our Sales Team now to discuss your injection moulded badge requirements further.

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