Domed Badges and Domed Labels

Domed badges
Domed badges

Domed Badges and Domed Labels

3D Domed Resin Labels & Badges 

Product and company branding is a key part of designing and successfully marketing a product. It is essential that your logo stands out from the rest. Make sure you stand out with our 3D domed badges and domed labels!

  • Silk screen or digital printing available
  • High gloss polyurethane applied
  • A variety of adhesive to suit your application
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing badge
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    On-Brand Domed Badges

    GSM Graphic Arts can manufacture domed labels and domed badges to your exact requirements. Our 40 years of manufacturing experience enables us to produce domed labels using a selection of materials to ensure we can meet all your branding needs. We can seamlessly match style, material and colour so that your domed labels are compliant with your brand, we have the manufacturing flexibility to ensure that we can deliver high quality on-brand domed badges.

    Screen or Digitally Printed Domed Labels

    At GSM we can either screen or digitally print your logo onto; plastic, aluminium or stainless steel creating a bright, bold and colourful design. This is then covered with a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin which provides the bubble domed badge effect creating a high quality prestige badge to promote your product.

    With the ability to produce the domed badges with a suitable adhesive and material to ensure their durability for different applications, a domed label can be used in most industries including:

    Scripted Domed Resin Badges 

    Offered as part of GSM’s range of premium product domed logo badges, 3D scripted badges comprisof pre-spaced individual letters, in colour or metallic finishes to match your corporate brand. 

    Our scripted badges are manufactured using a range of materials depending on the application, which are formed to the shape of the logo creating a 3D image. Either chrome or gold finishes are offered which can be combined with colours to create a quality badge that makes your logo stand out.  

    scripted domed badge logo

    Tooling is required and the badges are supplied pre-spaced ready for assembly with an easy peel release liner. The application tape is removed after assembly to achieve a pre-spaced 3D scripted domed logo.  

    Cost-Effective 3D Domed Badges

    As a cost-effective alternative with no tool costs, we also offer resin domed badges which are produced by cutting the profile of a self-adhesive material, removing the scrap material and then applying a liquid polyurethane resin to the front face. Thresin flows over the surface of the material and surface tension is created when the resin reaches the cut edge, forming a domed finish.  

    An easy release application tape is applied to the front face when the resin has cured, which keeps the individual characters pre-spaced for assembly to the product. The application tape is removed after assembly to achieve a pre-spaced 3D logo badge.  

    We are UK-Based Manufactures of  Custom Domed Labels

    Our 40 years of experience gives us the capability to produce your domed badges with UV stability so that they can be used as outdoor labels. Customers who use our domed badges outdoors stick them on products such as lawn mowers, vehicles and bicycles.

    For a durable, yet eye catching, hard-wearing and robust product branding, a domed label may be the answer for you.

    To find out more please call our dedicated sales team on 01845 522 184 or alternatively, request a quote online today.

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