Digitally printed aluminium
Digitally Printed Aluminium
Printed Metal Label
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Digitally Printed Metal Labels

Printed Metal Labels

We supply quality custom metal labels, digitally printed on anodised aluminium.

Our unique digital printing technique allows us to produce high-resolution images and infinite colour combinations on the surface of this incredibly durable metal.

Since 1974, we’ve helped customers across all industry sectors to meet their varied needs with bespoke, high-performance solutions.

  • Full colour printed graphics and unique ID
  • A hard-wearing, durable finish
  • Tested for UV durability
  • Fixing holes or self-adhesive
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With leading processes and over 45 years’ experience, all of our products are produced to the highest British manufacturing quality standards. Rest assured of an exceptional, long-lasting solution, bespoke to your application.

Tell us a little more about your requirements below, including quantity, size, colour and application. If you’re not sure of a few details, don’t worry — our team is here to help and guide you through your project.


    What Are Metal Labels And What Are They Used For?

    Metal labels can play roles in branding, asset management, security and health and safety. These products are popularly used for corporate and promotional signage, rugged barcodes, warning labels and even pictures and photographs.

    In some challenging environments — including (but not limited to) sports and leisure, construction, environment, logistics, offshore, washroom, refrigeration and catering — these labels can be required to withstand abrasion, solvents, extremes of temperature, adverse weather and the threat of vandalism.

    Where a robust, long-lasting and visually appealing label is required, digitally-printed aluminium may represent the perfect solution.

    Digitally-printed Anodised Aluminium Labels: A Robust, Durable, Detailed Solution

    During our anodising process, aluminium is electrically charged in a sulphuric acid electrolyte bath, which opens up the metal’s pores. This then allows secondary processes to take place — in this case, digital printing.

    We can reproduce a full colour digital print into the surface of aluminium before it is sealed, which creates an anodic oxide layer protecting the design underneath.

    Where the requirement is inventory management or product identification, these digitally-printed aluminium labels can be used to produce rugged barcodes, using code 128, code 39 or data matrix codes. Since digital printing allows us to recreate a photographic, multi-coloured design, your brand’s logo can take pride of place on the barcode if desired.

    As discussed, the quality and durability of the finish provided on these digitally-printed metal labels makes them popular for use in a range of industrial and exterior settings. Due to the hygienic nature of anodised aluminium, these labels can be highly suitable for catering and washroom service applications.

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    We aim to be a one-stop service for the design and production of labels. With almost 50 years’ experience partnering with customers across all industry sectors, trust and our team’s commitment to excellence in customer service and product quality.

    A hugely versatile process, digital printing is suitable for a range of applications and requirements. Discuss yours with us by filling in our request a quote form, by phoning 01845 522 184 or by emailing You might also like to request our brochure and sample pack.

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