Specialist Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to work with a wide range of different materials in order to meet any requirements for specialist labels you may have.

Specialist Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to work with a wide range of different materials in order to meet any requirements for specialist labels you may have.

Specialist Labels
Antimicrobial Labels
Industrial nameplates
Etched stainless steel nameplates
UV Resistant Labels
Our specialist labels can be used for both product identification and promotional purposes throughout industry. GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to manufacture your metal labels, anodised aluminium labels, self adhesive labels, printed labels, plastic labels, roll labels and barcode labels. In fact we can supply you with any labelling requirement you may have.

Our modern and technologically advanced specialist label manufacturing plant and superior production techniques enable us to produce high quality product labels, including industrial labels, commercial labels, asset labels, barcode labels and security labels.

We can supply all your requirements for labels and nameplates, including metal labels, plastic labels and brass nameplates with a fast turnaround.

GSM Graphic Arts stocks a comprehensive range of plastics to produce plastic labels, including polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and acrylic, to satisfy your plastic labels and labelling requirements.

We can provide your labels or nameplates whether they are etched labels, anodised labels, engraved labels or printed metal labels and nameplates.

If you are looking for something a little different, please consider digital printing. Our digital printing technology makes it possible for us to print full colour images and manufacture low volume production runs or samples. Our laser cutting capability means that we can also avoid tool costs providing a fast delivery with minimal set-up costs.

Contact our technical sales team now to find out more about the benefits that GSM Graphic Arts can offer for your label & nameplate requirements.

  • Aerospace Labels

    Aerospace Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts has been supplying labels to the aerospace industry sector for over 45 years, therefore we are experienced aerospace label manufacturers and can recommend the best solution to meet the required specification.

  • Agricultural Labels

    Agricultural Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured agricultural labels for over 40 years at its factory in North Yorkshire. Throughout the years we have come to produce labelling solutions for all agricultural labelling requirements.

  • Antimicrobial Labels

    Antimicrobial Labels

    We offer anti-bacterial labels to meet your requirements whether they are to be used in a washroom environment, medical or even hotels and leisure centres. This is achieved by either using a coated material or, in the case of anodised aluminium nameplates, applying an anti-microbial varnish to the finished label.

  • Automotive Labels

    Automotive Labels

    GSM manufactures a range of labels used in the automotive industry to promote the brand, provide information and warnings, or to identify a vehicle or component. Our custom automotive labels include 3D badges, either produced as a single badge or as pre-spaced individual letters.

  • Catering Labels

    Catering Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts can work with a variety of materials and are capable of producing durable and long-lasting catering labels. Having manufactured catering equipment labels for over 45 years, we understand the varying requirements that need to be considered and work with processes and materials that will produce the most efficient and long-lasting catering labels.

  • Chemical Resistant Labels

    Chemical Resistant Labels

    If you have a requirement for labels which will be used in a particularly harsh environment, then speak with the experts at GSM. We can supply different options for chemical resistant labels depending on your particular application.

  • Durable Labels

    Durable Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured durable labels for over 40 years at our factory in North Yorkshire, where we continue to be proud of our UK manufactured labels.

  • Security Labels

    Security Labels

    GSM offers a range of security labels to ensure that your products remain protected and keep their unique identification.

    Our range of security stickers for equipment includes tamperproof labels, holographic labels and void labels, all of which offer features to give you that peace of mind.

  • Underwater Labels

    Underwater Labels

    After many years of working with customers manufacturing products used within a marine environment, GSM is well placed to recommend suitable materials for underwater labels that will meet your offshore requirements.

  • UV Resistant Labels

    UV Resistant Labels

    GSM can produce UV resistant labels which are guaranteed not to fade within a minimum of 5 years. This includes screen printed and digitally printed polycarbonate labels as well as our anodised aluminium nameplates.