Custom & Specialist Labels

We are leading suppliers of custom specialist labels. We offer a range of quality materials, finishes and leading in-house manufacturing processes for a robust, long-lasting solution bespoke to your application.

Specialist Labels
Antimicrobial Labels
Industrial nameplates
Etched stainless steel nameplates
UV Resistant Labels

Labels come in all shapes, sizes and materials and serve all manner of purposes, particularly for product identification, promotion and education throughout industry.

With our own manufacturing facilities and capabilities — the product of almost 50 years’ expertise — we are perfectly placed to meet any requirement.

We Work With All Market Sectors

Since 1974, our team is proud to have become the trusted, one-stop supplier of specialist labels for all industries. This includes electronics, instrumentation, medical, construction, oil and gas, offshore, transport, security, catering, washroom service and many more.

Labels for products, assets, barcodes, security, industrial use and commercial purposes — each one we supply is bespoke to its intended application and environment. We also supply nameplates for products and equipment, in a range of metals and plastics.

Leading Processes and Quality Materials for a Fully-bespoke, Specialist Solution

Our specialist labels are available with a number of additional processes and finishes, and can be manufactured to withstand harsh outdoor environments, providing resistance to UV, moisture, extreme temperature, salt spray and solvents.

Your labels can be manufactured to ANSI B71.4 specifications, guaranteeing at least five years’ legibility and colour stability.

Plastics we stock include polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and acrylic. For metals, we offer stainless steel, aluminium and brass. These products can be etched, anodised, engraved and printed to suit your requirements.

We also offer digital printing; this technology makes it possible to reproduce full-colour images and manufacture low volume production runs or prototype samples. Our laser cutting capability means that we can also avoid tool costs, providing a fast delivery with minimal set-up costs.

To start your enquiry or for more advice and assistance from our expert team, contact us today. You can also request our brochure and sample pack for a clearer idea of how we might be able to meet your labelling requirements.