Specialist Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to work with a wide range of different materials in order to meet any requirements for specialist labels you may have.

Specialist Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to work with a wide range of different materials in order to meet any requirements for specialist labels you may have.

Our specialist labels can be used for both product identification and promotional purposes throughout industry. GSM Graphic Arts has the ability to manufacture your metal labels, anodised aluminium labels, self adhesive labels, printed labels, plastic labels, roll labels and barcode labels. In fact we can supply you with any labelling requirement you may have.

Our modern and technologically advanced specialist label manufacturing plant and superior production techniques enable us to produce high quality product labels, including industrial labels, commercial labels, asset labels, barcode labels and security labels.

We can supply all your requirements for labels and nameplates, including metal labels, plastic labels and brass nameplates with a fast turnaround.

GSM Graphic Arts stocks a comprehensive range of plastics to produce plastic labels, including polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and acrylic, to satisfy your plastic labels and labelling requirements.

We can provide your labels or nameplates whether they are etched labels, anodised labels, engraved labels or printed metal labels and nameplates.

If you are looking for something a little different, please consider digital printing. Our digital printing technology makes it possible for us to print full colour images and manufacture low volume production runs or samples. Our laser cutting capability means that we can also avoid tool costs providing a fast delivery with minimal set-up costs.

Contact our technical sales team now to find out more about the benefits that GSM Graphic Arts can offer for your label & nameplate requirements.

  • Metal Labels and Metal Nameplates

    Metal Labels & Metal Nameplates

    GSM Graphic Arts is capable of working with a large variety of different metals, including aluminium, stainless steel and brass. We can manufacture all your metal label and metal nameplate requirements.

  • Metallic Finish Polyester Labels

    Metallic Finish Polyester Labels

    Have you considered using metallic finish polyester labels in order to give your product labelling that extra dimension?

  • Industrial Nameplates

    Industrial Nameplates

    GSM Graphic Arts is the UK's leading supplier of Industrial Nameplates with over 40 years manufacturing experience.

  • Stainless Steel Nameplates

    Stainless Steel Nameplates

    For over four decades GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured stainless steel nameplates for use in some of the most severe and challenging environments.

  • Product Labels

    Product Label Manufacturers

    For over 40 years GSM has been working with customers to manufacture product labels that inform, advise and instruct the user, all whilst promoting your product.

  • Fascia Panels

    Fascia Panels

    Our bespoke fascia panels that are manufactured at our factory in Yorkshire, offer a variety of finishes to provide full durability whilst also being visually appealing.

  • Printed Labels

    Printed Label Manufacturers

    GSM has been manufacturing printed labels for 40 years and are able to print onto almost any material including; stainless steel, anodised aluminium, plastic and vinyl using both screen and digital printing.

  • Equipment Nameplates

    Equipment Nameplates

    We offer serial number rating plates, logo badges, control panels, warning labels and safety signs. A complete one stop service for all of your equipment nameplates suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Roll Labels

    Roll Label Manufacturers

    GSM Graphic Arts manufacture roll labels using a variety of materials.

  • Product Nameplates

    Product Nameplates

    GSM Graphic Arts have been manufacturing product nameplates for over four decades. We offer a complete one stop service for the design and production of all your product branding and badging requirements.

  • Digitally Printed Metal Labels

    Printed Metal Labels

    Primodise digital printing technique is a unique process allowing GSM to print high resolution images and infinite colour combinations into the surface of anodised aluminium which is then sealed.

  • Plastic Labels

    Plastic Labels

    As the UK's leading label manufacturer, GSM Graphic Arts offer an extensive range of plastics to enable us to manufacture your plastic labels to any specification.

  • Etched Nameplates

    Etched Nameplates

    Etched nameplates offer a more durable option to surface printing or even anodised text. Chemically etched nameplates offer a permanent marking solution for your products.

  • Industrial Labels

    Industrial Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts is the UK's leading industrial label manufacturer with the capability of producing both metal labels and plastic labels to suit a wide range of industrial label applications.

  • Outdoor Labels

    Weatherproof Outdoor Labels

    GSM manufactures a range of weatherproof labels suitable for outdoor applications including garden & ground-keeping machinery, sheds & out-buildings, fencing and farm equipment.

  • Aluminium Labels

    Aluminium Labels

    GSM manufactures a range of aluminium labels suitable for many applications from serial number rating plates, CE plates, durable rugged barcode labels and logo badges.
  • Roll Labels and Roll Form Labels

    Roll Form Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts can work with many different materials to manufacture your roll form labels. Whether you require paper labels, vinyl labels or polyester labels, we can manufacture the roll label for you.