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Printed Labels

Printed Labels

We are leading manufacturers of hard-wearing printed labels.

Choose from materials including stainless steel, anodised aluminium, vinyl and a range of other quality plastics.

With almost 50 years’ experience and state-of-the-art in-house screen and digital printing processes, we are perfectly placed to supply a bespoke solution, whatever your industry sector and application.

  • Full range of metal & plastic options available
  • Digital or screen printing
  • Fixing holes or adhesive
  • Full colour graphics
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All of our labels are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008, the highest British quality standards — so you can be assured of a long-lasting, high-performance product, designed to your exact specification.

Tell us a little more about your project below, in particular about quantity, size, colours and application. Not sure about a few details? That’s not a problem. Our experienced team would be delighted to help and advise.


    What Are Printed Labels Used For?

    These products can be applied for product identification, tagging, inventory management as well as for promotional, branding, security and health and safety purposes.

    Applications for printed labels can span many market sectors, including oil and gas, catering, outdoor, warehousing, military, electronics and assembly. In such environments, the requirement for a robust, hard-wearing solution is clear.

    The choice of material and the printing processes used for your labels will be dependent on the end use and volume of labels required; our team can help you to explore the options and choose the perfect solution.

    Screen-printed Labels: Flexible and Durable With a Variety of Finishes and Colours

    A more traditional but still exceptionally popular and versatile process. These types of printed labels are manufactured using a mesh screen, blocking out areas where the ink is not required, creating a stencil. A squeegee is then used to push the ink through the open areas.

    This process enables a variety of finishes to the product depending on the material used. Popular metals include anodised aluminium and stainless steel, whilst plastics able to be screen printed include vinyl, acrylic, self-adhesive polyester labels, PVC and polycarbonate.

    We are able to use a variety of inks when manufacturing your products, offering a variety of colours to suit your printing needs. This process can be particularly suitable for producing higher volume requirements.

    Digitally-printed Labels: For a Precise Finish, Infinite Colour Combinations and Incredible Durability

    This modern process allows us to replicate any photographic image and any multi-colour combination, creating a label with exceptional visual appeal, durability and longevity.

    Digital printing is better suited to detailed work that makes use of many colours, delivering a precise, sharp and crisp finish. With the lack of setup costs, it can also be preferable for smaller runs, including prototypes or for printing variable data such as serial numbers and barcodes.

    A particularly popular solution is digitally printing on anodised aluminium. After the metal is charged in a sulphuric acid electrolyte bath, your multi-coloured logo is digitally printed into the open pores of the metal before the design is sealed.

    This results in an incredibly durable, hard-wearing and weatherproof anodic oxide finish, able to withstand the most challenging conditions. These products have also been UV tested for a minimum durability of five years in exterior environments.

    The nature of aluminium also means that digitally-printed labels are very easy to clean; a great hygienic solution popularly sourced by the washroom, refrigeration and catering sectors.

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    Since 1974, our team’s commitment to excellent service and product quality has earned us the trust of customers across all market sectors. We aim to be a one-stop service for the design, manufacture and supply of quality bespoke labels.

    Discuss your requirements with us by filling in our request a quote form, by phoning 01845 522 184 or by emailing You might also like to request our brochure and sample pack.

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