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QR Code Stickers & Labels

QR Code Stickers & Labels

We are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of custom QR code labels and stickers.

QR barcode labels are incredibly popular, modern solutions for directing users to certain digital resources, web pages, video advertisements, and even asset tracking for business machinery.

With many decades of experience working with all industry sectors, we offer a range of quality materials and leading processes for bespoke, long-lasting custom QR code labels tailored to your application. Our QR code labels are popular because of the following:

  • Durable and hard-wearing for any application
  • Metal and plastic options are available
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes
  • Self-adhesive or fixing holes
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We aim to be a one-stop service for the design and production of your labels and stickers. All of the products we supply are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008, the highest British quality standard.

Tell us a little more about your requirements below, including quantity, size, colour and application. If you’re unsure of a few details, our experienced team will be able to advise on the perfect solution for your needs.


    How Will Our Custom QR Code Labels Help Your Business?

    QR codes are used to easily access product information, download product data or track equipment location. They are commonly used to direct users to a certain URL, such as a company website, user manual, menu PDF, app download or other online marketing material. They can even be used to access Wi-Fi networks or as part of counterfeit detection.

    A durable, long-lasting solution is essential for all applications, and our QR code custom stickers are guaranteed to fulfil that role. As such, they have wide uses across many market sectors. A few particularly popular uses for our custom QR code labels and stickers include:

    • Hospitality and cateringQR Codes can be printed on anodised aluminium or under-surface polycarbonate to offer customers a durable, simple way to access online restaurant menus, ordering systems and payment apps.
    • Construction sites, service equipment and part warehousesMetal QR codes are often manufactured for tool labelling, allowing tracking of equipment used by employees and customers.
    • Sports and outdoor equipment: Aluminium QR codes are a robust solution for any products required to perform in exterior environments, such as exercise bikes, agricultural tools or sports gear.
    • Electronics and assemblyBy affixing QR code labels to electronic components and assembly parts, manufacturers can track and trace each item throughout production, ensuring quality control and efficient inventory management.

    QR Code Label Materials

    QR codes are printed onto a variety of materials to suit the required specifications and the needs of our client’s application. We select only the highest quality vinylpolyester or anodised aluminium. The code is sealed beneath the material, providing exceptional durability even in challenging outdoor environments.

    Recommended Choice: Metal QR Code Labels

    Metal materials, particularly aluminium, are a great choice for QR code stickers and labels in business applications. A metal QR code offers unparalleled durability and longevity in any indoor working environment, ensuring that the encoded information remains intact and readable even in harsh environments.

    Additionally, the use of aluminium QR codes provides a sleek, professional appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any product or signage. A metal QR code sign is also resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We can also use laser-marked stainless steel for QR code labels used in a harsher environment such as the oil & gas industry.

    Overall, investing in metal QR codes is a smart decision for businesses looking to combine functionality with a high-end look, thereby improving both the utility and the visual impact of their promotional and operational materials.

    Processes and Finishes for Custom QR Code Stickers

    With almost 50 years of experience, state-of-the-art processes and a range of quality materials, we manufacture custom QR code stickers and labels for any requirement.

    • Processes: Using the latest digital printing technology, we can reproduce full-colour logos and text detail onto your labels, ensuring a professional, aesthetically pleasing solution. Digitally printed QR codes can hold variable data, including serial and part numbers. Providing the required URL, we have the software to generate the QR code before printing.
    • Fixing: We can supply these labels with either a self-adhesive backing suitable for adhering to various substrates or fixing holes to be screwed in.

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