Refrigeration and Catering

Labels for the Refrigeration and Catering sector


From graphic overlays to control panels, vinyl cut logos to 3D badges, thermal transfer printed rating labels to anodised aluminium barcodes, GSM Graphic Arts manufactures a comprehensive range of labels for the Refrigeration and Catering sector.

Whether your product is part of a food processing line, packaging or on the service counter of a restaurant, GSM can offer a material and finish that will meet your specification.

We can offer a wide range of materials tried and tested in catering applications including:-

Etched stainless steel – suitable for very hard wearing stainless steel logo badges, rating plates and control panels on equipment which is subjected to jet washing such as food processing and packaging lines.

Anodised aluminium – a durable, solvent resistant anodised finish used for serial & rating plates and control panels for catering equipment which requires a smooth, hard wearing, wipe clean finish.

Printed Lexan Polycarbonate and Autotype Polyester – commonly used for control panel overlays on refrigeration, processing and cooking equipment. These materials can incorporate embossed switch areas, clear display windows and leds. A range of thickness and finishes available to meet your particular requirements.

Domed logo badges – an economical 3D process providing a full colour durable logo badge which will make your logo stand out. We can incorporate metallic text and logo detail and when embossed this will give an extra dimension to your product branding.

At GSM Graphic Arts you will find one of the most comprehensive range of inhouse manufacturing processes in the UK. Click here to read more about our Metallic finish Polyester Labels which offer a low cost great looking solution and an alternative to metal labels.

If you are looking for a label and overlay supplier with experience of working within the Refrigeration and Catering industry then contact us now on +44(0)1845 522184 in order to find out more about the benefits that GSM offers or simply click here to request a quotation.

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