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From graphic overlays to control panels, vinyl cut logo badges to 3D domed badges, thermal transfer printed rating labels to anodised aluminium barcodes, GSM Graphic Arts manufactures a comprehensive range of specialist labels for the Refrigeration and Catering sector.

Whether your product is part of a food processing line, packaging or on the service counter of a restaurant, GSM can offer a material and finish that will meet your specification.

We can offer a wide range of tried and tested materials including:

Stainless Steel Nameplates
Our stainless steel nameplates are ideal for challenging environments where less durable labels would not be sufficient. We have over four decades of experience manufacturing these kinds of nameplates, so you can rest assured that our chemically etched 304 or 316 stainless steel nameplates will serve you well no matter what type of kitchen environment you have.

These nameplates are manufactured using chemicals to etch into the surface, which can then be infilled with colour and baked to provide you with a long-lasting and durable label. Because the information is etched into the surface, these nameplates are rugged enough to withstand tricky environments that you might find in the refrigeration and catering industry, like fluctuating temperatures and moisture.

These nameplates do not run the risk of becoming damaged or unreadable, as they are resistant to caustic soda cleaning processes, making them the ideal choice for equipment nameplates for labelling catering equipment used in food processing.

Control Panel Overlays
Our plastic control panel overlays are made using polycarbonate as a base, which is then under the surface printed and can include embossed buttons and varying windows to suit your exact design. We can include windows on your labels to add a layer of protection to the electronic displays underneath to prevent water or cleaning solutions from damaging them. These windows can be fully clear, secret until lit, translucent coloured windows or LED windows; the choice is up to you.

In a catering environment, equipment is frequently subjected to rigorous cleaning routines, so you also need products that are hardwearing and built to last. At GSM, our etched stainless steel control panels are durable, scratch and chemical resistant.

We use anodised aluminium to give our control panels their durable and solvent resistant finish; it provides them with a smooth, hardwearing and wipe-clean surface that makes them ideal for the messy catering and refrigeration environment. Whether you need anodised aluminium with digitally printed graphics, powder coated and printed metal panels or etched and filled stainless steel, we have a range of high-quality and bespoke control panels ideal for your needs.

Catering Labels
At GSM, we can provide you with labels that have been specifically designed for the catering industry, from graphic overlays to control refrigerator temperatures to logo badges for ovens. Whatever your catering requirements, we can manufacture products using a vast range of materials to suit your catering equipment requirements.

We specialise in both metal and plastic catering labels. Our metal labels can be made in both aluminium and stainless steel. Digital printing can be used onto the aluminium to produce a multi-coloured logo and important information, such as the serial number used for asset tracking. Stainless steel is ideal for the frequent and harsh washing that much catering equipment is subjected to. The chemical etching on the stainless steel labels ensures that they are both heat and water-resistant.

Domed Badges
Branding is a crucial component of any industry, including the refrigeration and catering industry. At GSM, we can provide you with a logo badge that stands out thanks to the use of a 3D dome. We can print your logo digitally onto a vast range of materials to create an eye-catching design. These labels are then covered in a clear resin that gives the domed bubble effect to ensure your logo is clearly visible on the product.

Our domed badges are produced with a suitable adhesive to ensure their durability for a range of applications in the refrigeration and catering industry. We can also provide you with premium domed badges comprised of pre-spaced individual letters in colour or metallic finishes to match your branding.

At GSM, we have decades of experience manufacturing a range of labels, nameplates and other products for the refrigeration and catering industry. Whether you’re looking for aluminium labels, product nameplates or equipment nameplates, we are sure to have something to suit you. Do not hesitate to contact us today to find out more.

If you are looking for a catering label and overlay supplier with experience of working within the Refrigeration and Catering industry then contact us now on 01845 522 184 in order to find out more about the benefits that GSM offers or simply request a quotation online today.

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