Warning Labels & Safety Sign Suppliers

You may not think that there is a lot of variation or choice where warning labels and safety signs are concerned but, there are many ways to make them stand out!

Warning Labels & Safety Sign Suppliers

You may not think that there is a lot of variation or choice where warning labels and safety signs are concerned but, there are many ways to make them stand out!

Warning Labels & Safety Signs
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What are Warning Signs & Why Do You Need Them?

Warning signs and safety labels are designed to warn the user of the risks associated with certain machinery or equipment. You’ll find it common practice to find warning signs located on work premises in several market sectors today in order to comply with health and safety regulations.

Warning labels may also be used to warn of specific dangers within a certain location on your worksite, or act as a sign to safety in the event of an accident or fire, for example.

Create Custom Safety Signs & Warning Labels with GSM

As warning label and safety sign suppliers, we know that these are put in place for safety purposes. Wherever we look, we are never far from an emergency exit, caution or danger sign.

We can tailor your requirements for warning labels to the environments that they are required to be used in. Warning labels play a very important role in ensuring that your workforce is protected and made aware of any possible hazards at all times. For this reason, it is essential that warning labels and safety signage remains readable for the life span of the product.

We are able to offer warning and safety signs to be printed on roll form labels backed on to vinyl, paper or polyester depending on your requirements.

We can also supply safety signs printed on aluminium labels using the anodising process, as well as on etched stainless steel nameplates for maximum durability and longevity. Both of these options provide a hard wearing finish for more resistance in harsh environments.

Additional Premium Finishes Available from GSM

Some warning labels and safety signs for use in the construction industry for example, as well as other sectors must be visible from long distances in order to prevent accidents.

Many of these safety signs are used outdoors. For these applications, we provide UV resistant inks that have been tested to ANSI specifications. This enables us to manufacture and supply warning signs that are able to retain a good colour stability for at least five years.

We also offer a specialised reflective ink for warning labels and safety signs that need to be visible in low light conditions.

Enquire for Warning Labels and Safety Signs

For more information about our warning labels and safety signs, or to enquire for a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical sales team on 01845 522 184 or request a quotation online today.

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