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Stainless steel nameplates for the Oil and Gas Industry

Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and valves against blue sky
Metal Labels

We have manufactured etched 316 stainless steel nameplates since GSM was founded in 1974. This material is specified for nameplates used in the harshest of environments from offshore & marine applications to the deserts of the Middle East & Africa.

GSM manufactures safety signs and way-marking in a range of materials and finishes which have been tested for durability in UV light, these include printed Lexan Polycarbonate and anodised aluminium, so we can offer a suitable option to suit your application.

Our labels and nameplates are used by a number of the UK’s leading valve and pump manufacturers and so we offer our products with confidence, knowing that they will meet with your expectations.

Contact a member of our Sales Team now on +44(0)1845 522184 in order to discuss your label and nameplate requirements or click here to request a quotation.

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