Equipment Nameplates

Equipment nameplates
Digitally printed aluminium

Equipment Nameplates

Equipment Labels & Nameplates

We are manufacturers and suppliers of equipment nameplates and labels.

Serial number rating plates, logo badges, control panels, warning labels and safety signs — interior and exterior — we are a complete one-stop service for all equipment labelling requirements.

With quality materials and state-of-the-art processes, we produce bespoke, high-performance and long-lasting solutions manufactured to your exact specification.

  • Metal & plastic options available
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • Digital or silk screen printing
  • Durable & hard-wearing
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All of our products are produced in-house to the highest quality standards. Whatever the application of your equipment labels, trust our experienced team to deliver a bespoke solution of the highest quality — as we have been doing for almost 50 years.

Tell us a little more below about your requirements — quantity, size, colours and intended application for your equipment nameplates and labels. Unsure of a few details? We would be delighted to advise.


    Nameplates and labels for equipment naturally cover a very wide range of solutions: machine control panels, serial number plates, warning signs, badges, logos and much more.

    Similarly, the environments for these solutions vary — yours might need to withstand chemically-intensive use in catering, the UV and salt spray of an oil and gas or marine environment, or simply the wear and tear associated with a 3D logo badge or warning label for your sports and leisure or washroom service products.

    A Range of Materials and Processes For A High-performance, Long-Lasting Solution

    • Aluminium: Using our in-house anodising processes, we can produce a label with a highly durable, abrasion-resistant finish. Anodic dyes are sealed within the surface of the aluminium for a long-lasting solution.
    • Stainless steel: By applying chemical etching on either 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, we can create a label that’s ideal for exterior environments where the equipment needs to persistently withstand harsh conditions. This is popularly sourced by the oil and gas and marine industries. Catering is another, where equipment may be jet-washed with caustic soda. In these environments, only an etched graphic will be able to withstand the environment.
    • Plastic: For logo-style nameplates, we offer domed badges, 3D superdome decals and vinyl cut logos — a sleek, modern and durable branding solution for your products. The 3D superdome and vinyl cut logo badges are supplied as individual characters, pre-spaced with a release liner on the front and rear for ease of application. We also offer durable UV resistant plastic warning labels which can be produced as label sets per product for ease of application.

    For equipment situated outside — such as safety signage or a graphic control panel overlay — guarding against fading and discolouration can be a crucial consideration. All of the products we supply are manufactured to the highest standards, with our processes tested to ANSI specifications for optimum colour stability.

    Do you require nameplates for samples, prototyping product development or a low-to-medium volume production run? Our high-definition digital printing is the perfect solution, providing a final design that meets your requirements without incurring setup costs.

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    Do you know precisely what sort of equipment nameplate or label you need? Or could you benefit from the expertise and know-how of our experienced team to discover the best solution? Our experienced team would be delighted to help.

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