Equipment Nameplates

Equipment nameplates
Digitally printed aluminium

Equipment Nameplates

Equipment Labels & Nameplates

We offer serial number rating plates, logo badges, control panels, warning labels and safety signs. A complete one stop service for all of your equipment nameplates suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Metal & plastic options available
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • Digital or silk screen printing
  • Durable & hard-wearing
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Do you need bespoke, durable equipment nameplates?

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Ideally please confirm the quantity required, size, colours and the application of the label. However if you’re uncertain of the exact details then please give as much detail as you can and we’d be happy to advise on the best option accordingly.


    The processes we use to create our equipment nameplates have been through extensive testing to ensure that they are UV stable for a minimum of 5 years, essential for warning labels and safety signs to ensure that they do not fade. This also enables us to guarantee that clear display windows on our graphic overlays will not discolour when used on equipment situated outside.

    Our high definition digital printing is suitable for equipment nameplates used for samples and product development as well as low to medium volume production runs. This enables you to ensure that the final design meets your requirements without incurring set up costs.

    Our Equipment Nameplate Options

    We can produce equipment nameplates using our traditional anodising process in which the anodic dyes are sealed within the surface of the aluminium producing a hard wearing, scuff resistant finish.

    Etched stainless steel offers a durable option for applications where the equipment nameplates are subjected to harsh environments. This includes the Oil and Gas industry where they are subjected to extreme marine conditions and also the catering industry where equipment is jet washed with caustic soda meaning that only an etched graphic will withstand the environment.

    For logo style equipment nameplates we offer domed badges, 3D Superdome decals and vinyl cut logos, all of which offer a high quality branding for your equipment. The 3D Superdome and vinyl cut logo badges are supplied as individual characters, pre-spaced with release liner front and rear enable the logos to be easily applied.

    Call a member of our Sales Team on 01845 522 184 in order to discuss your equipment nameplate requirements in detail or request a quotation online today.

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