Medical Equipment Labels

Medical Equipment Labels

Medical Labels on hospital medical equipment

GSM Graphic Arts have been manufacturing medical labels for over four decades.

We pride ourselves on providing durable and high quality medical labels that will survive severe cleaning and disinfecting routines.

Durable Medical Labels for Hospitals & Medical Equipment

To manufacture hard wearing plastic labels for medical device or equipment labelling, GSM uses clear polycarbonate or polyester that we can then reverse print, creating a barrier to the ink. These are useful for the labelling of machines used within the sector. We also use this process when manufacturing graphic overlays or control panels for medical machines which can house embossed buttons, hidden until lit windows and / or display screens.

We supply anodised aluminium instruction and warning labels used on rehabilitation equipment. Anodised aluminium is a durable method whereby the aluminium is electrically charged to open its pores; we then print the detail into the pores. Once printed, we seal the aluminium and the ink is essentially sealed beneath the anodic layer. This provides protection from outdoor elements and makes a hard-wearing and scratch resistant surface.

Hospital Asset Management & Equipment Tracking

More recently, we have seen requirements for qr barcode labels within the medical market. Used around hospitals and medical institutions, barcode labels are used for asset management, stock control and equipment tracking. These medical labels can be either under-surface plastic or anodised aluminium to suit the application.

Get in Touch for Medical Labels

For further information regarding labels that are suitable for the medical market, please contact us by phone on 01845 522 184 or fill in and submit your query using our online contact form. Alternatively, you can request a quote online today.