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Rugged barcode labels are used as an extremely durable way of uniquely identifying an item for recording and traceability purposes.

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Why Choose Rugged Barcode Labels

Our rugged barcodes and traditional barcode labels are very durable and versatile in use. Rugged labels are excellent for use in warehouses, on products that undergo harsh environments and for industrial purposes.

Our rugged barcode labels can include standard linear barcode (code 39, code 128 etc) linking back to a database to access the information or a 2D datamatrix barcode in which all the required information, such as part numbers, serial numbers, manufacturers code etc., is provided immediately upon scanning.

What Materials Are Used for Rugged Labels?

There are a number of options for producing durable rugged barcode labels on a range of materials suitable for most applications, these include:-

  • Anodised aluminium labels with unique barcodes digitally printed, anodised and sealed within the surface of the aluminium, providing a hard wearing, solvent resistant surface. These rugged barcode labels can be produced on various thickness of aluminium from 0.3mm to 3mm. Anodised aluminium rugged barcode labels are successfully used in a wide range of applications including Military, Instrumentation, Medical and Asset Management.
  • Laser marked or etched stainless steel in which the barcode is marked into the surface of the metal to give a very durable finish suitable for harsh environments such as Marine, Oil & Gas applications. The etched stainless steel rugged barcode labels have also been tested for use in very high temperature applications up to 800°C.
  • Under-surface digitally printed rugged barcode labels on to various plastics such as polycarbonate and acrylic. These provide a durable finish, with the inks printed on the rear and viewed through the clear substrate to provide a long lasting and rugged barcode suitable for identifying aisles and racks in warehouses and Asset Management.

Rugged barcode labels can be specified with either a high quality self-adhesive tape on rear or with holes for a mechanical fixing which can even be fixed with tamper proof screws to ensure that they were extremely difficult to remove after installation.

Linear & Datamatrix Barcode Labels

GSM can reproduce both linear and datamatrix barcodes labels onto anodised aluminium, under surface printed polycarbonate and even stainless steel. The linear barcode labels are typically produced using either code 39 or code 128 barcodes. Code 39 does not contain a check digit and its low data density means that it will require more space to encrypt data, hence a larger barcode label whereas the code 128 type is a high density barcode containing a check digit and is suitable for both alphanumeric and numeric codes. Both barcode types are used in a wide range of industrial and logistics applications and can be produced as sequentially numbered barcode labels either on a roll or as a rugged anodised aluminium label.

We can also offer datamatrix bar codes. A datamatrix, or 2D, barcode is a 2 dimensional code consisting of white and black squares holding a variety of information including Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, and Manufacturer Codes etc. These can be produced using digital printing and anodised aluminium is a commonly used material in Military, Aerospace and Electronics applications.

We can also produce QR codes, commonly used in marketing, which when scanned provide a direct connection to a specific web page outlining the company, product or even instructions for use!

Roll-form labels offer an economical option for high volume usage in low risk applications such as Electronics, Logistics and Warehousing.

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