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Etched nameplates
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etched brass nameplates
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Etched Nameplates

Chemically Etched Metal Nameplates

At GSM, we’re the UK’s largest supplier of chemically etched metal nameplates and badges.

An etched nameplate offers a permanent marking solution and superior durability to surface printing and even anodised text. Our etched nameplates and badges are available in a range of metals to suit your needs.

For unrivalled quality and a long-lasting end product — from quotation to delivery — trust our team’s 45 years’ experience and leading chemical etching processes.

  • 304 / 316 stainless steel and brass
  • A choice of finishes
  • Etch only or etch & colour infilled text & logos
  • Fixing holes or self-adhesive both available
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    Chemically Etched Nameplates & Badges: Ideal For Particularly Harsh Environments

    These etched nameplates and badges are recommended for hard-wearing applications, including in offshore oil rigs, heavy engineering and the food processing industry.

    Having worked across all market sectors, our 45 years’ experience and leading processes allow us to manufacture products of the highest quality, durability and resilience for these uses.

    Industry-Leading Chemical Etching Processes

    The text detail can be chemically etched away from the surface of both brass and 304 or 316 stainless steel nameplates, resulting in an extremely robust finished product — sure to stand the test of time. 

    The etched detail is achieved by silkscreen printing a chemical-resistant coating onto the areas which are not to be etched. The sheets are then put through the etching machine, which contains a mixture of Ferric Chloride and Hydrochloric Acid with water. The areas not covered by the resistant coating are typically etched away to a depth of 0.08mm.

    The sheet is then rinsed with water and the resistant layer cleaned off. The etched nameplate detail can then be either left as it is, or colour infilled.

    For etched nameplates with multi coloured infill requirements, this process is repeated for each colour, though it is worth noting that a minimum gap of 1mm would be required between each should your design incorporate multiple colours.

    A Variety of Customisable Features

    Depending on your specific requirements — metal, colour, thickness, size, ID details, protection from the elements — we offer a range of finishes, features and extras.

    • Thickness: From 0.5mm to 2mm, we offer a range of finishes in both brass and stainless steel heavy-duty nameplates to best suit your requirements. This can include polished brass or bright, satin and brushed stainless steel.
    • Outdoor applications: Etched brass nameplates can be over lacquered for added protection against the elements, whereas the stainless steel needs no further treatment. Our team of experts can talk you through which material will be best suited to your needs. 
    • Ready to go: Our etched nameplates are supplied cut to size with either fixing holes or a permanent self-adhesive tape to suit your particular application.
    • Laser marking: Should unique identification details be required, we can achieve this by laser marking or dot-peen marking each one of the finished etched nameplates with sequential numbers. 

    Contact GSM Graphic Arts: Over 45 Years’ Experience

    With a range of industry-leading processes, trust our team with all your etched metal nameplate and badge requirements, whatever your market, industry or sector.

    To get started, please either request a quote, email or call us on 01845 522 184. We’d be delighted to discuss the best solution for your particular application.

    You can also request a brochure and sample pack, outlining our leading range of products, materials and finishes.

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