Weatherproof Label
Weatherproof Label
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Aluminium Label

Weatherproof Labels

Weatherproof Labels

At GSM, we have over 45 years’ experience manufacturing UV-durable, water-resistant weatherproof outdoor labels.

These labels can have wide-ranging applications across many market sectors, including for garden and ground-keeping machinery, outbuildings, agriculture, fencing, construction and more.

Calling on 45 years’ experience and a range of industry-leading manufacturing processes, we are a trusted supplier of bespoke metal and plastic outdoor labels to meet any need, with self-adhesive options available.

  • Metal & plastic outdoor labels available
  • Self-adhesive or fixing holes
  • Digital or screen printing options
  • Tested to ANSI specifications for UV durability
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We’re an experienced, trusted producer of custom weatherproof labels, logo badges and warning labels for outdoor use. All of our products are manufactured in house to the highest British manufacturing standards — ISO 9001:2008.

Start your enquiry today by completing the form below, by emailing or by phoning 01845 522 184. What quantity, size and colours do you require? What is the application of your weatherproof labels?

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    A UV-durable and Long-Lasting Weatherproof Labels for your Outdoor Labelling and Signage

    All of the weatherproof labels we produce at our state-of-the-art facility are tested to meet ANSI specifications for UV durability. One of our leading labelling solutions for asset labels, logo badges, tags and safety warning labels for lawnmowers and ground-keeping machinery.

    A reliable label is crucial for conveying product information, security information, contact details or warning notices. The labels we produce guarantee the highest performance under the toughest, most rugged of conditions — able to withstand rain, frost, sun, abrasion and a wide range of temperatures.

    Outdoor Labels for All Weather Conditions

    It’s paramount for outdoor labels to be able to stand up to harsh external elements, especially when providing safety or maintenance information around equipment use and related hazards. Meeting ANSI specifications for UV durability guarantees your labels will remain legible for a minimum of five years.

    Exceptional Durability and Quality

    Through the use of top-quality materials and the best production process, we make sure our labels don’t fade, crack, or peel amidst daunting conditions. Whether outdoors or in industrial environments, our weatherproof labels perform brilliantly, just when needed the most.

    Variety of Forms

    From barcode labels to product identification labels to safety labels to serial number plates, our weatherproof labels exhibit impressive versatility. No matter what type of label you choose, enduring weather resistance and durability come as a guarantee.

    Customisable Options

    We understand your need to reflect your brand’s identity. Hence, we let you customise the size, shape, colour, and design, ensuring your labels echo your brand while being robust and weatherproof.

    Safety & Brand Benefits

    Our reliable weatherproof labels ensure not only continued signage but also ongoing brand awareness benefits.

    Manufactured from the highest quality materials, these labels are customisable to your design requirements courtesy of our digitally printed labels or screen printing processes.

    This means you’re guaranteed a prolonged label lifespan, complete with the relevant logos and colour palette — the best possible reflection of your brand.

    Manufactured With End Use & Budget In Mind

    As leading label manufacturers in the UK, we offer weatherproof labels in a range of materials. Our anodised aluminium and plastic tags are commonly used for outdoor buildings and exterior signage, providing cost-effective product branding. Our domed labels provide a rugged, durable and heavy-duty solution — suitable for use on agricultural and construction machinery.

    Our products can be manufactured with fixing holes or with a strong self-adhesive finish — easy to apply to any substrate and a reliable solution that’s tried and tested in the harshest of environments.

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    Whether you know precisely what you’re after or you’d like a bit of help discovering the perfect solution, our friendly team of product experts are always on hand.

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