Specialist Anodising Processes

Anodised Aluminium labels
Aluminium Coaster
Metal labels

GSM has been manufacturing anodised specialist labels, nameplates and control panels for nearly 40 years and whereas the technology of this process hasn’t really changed within that time, the printing technology certainly has.

Anodising is a process in which aluminium is electrically charged within a sulphuric acid solution, oxidising and opening the pores of the surface to enable inks to be printed into the aluminium. This is then sealed to provide a durable, hard wearing finish.

GSM can supply matt or bright anodised finishes and we can also brush the material prior to anodising to achieve a grain finish. We offer a range of material thicknesses from 0.3mm to 3mm with other thicknesses available as required.

With our new digital printing process, GSM can reproduce full colour images, barcodes and unique ID. Assuming suitable images are supplied, there are no origination costs with the digital printing the process which makes it viable for low volume production requirements as well as prototyping and development.

We can also offer anodising and printing of your free issue components to make GSM the complete one stop supplier for all of your aluminium printing requirements.

For further information on our anodising process, please call our sales team on 01845 522 184 or request a quotation online.


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