Specialist Anodising Processes

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We have been manufacturing anodised specialist labels, nameplates and control panels since 1974.

Benefit from our industry-leading specialist anodising and printing processes, the result of over 45 years’ expertise.

All of the products we offer as a company are manufactured to the very highest British standards, ISO 9001:2008.

What Is The Anodising Process?

Anodising is a process in which aluminium is electrically charged within a sulphuric acid electrolyte bath. This oxidises and opens the pores of the surface, enabling secondary processes to take place, such as inks being printed into the aluminium. Once sealed, you have an extremely durable, hard-wearing and corrosion resistant ‘anodic oxide’ finish on the surface of the metal.

Whilst other metals can be used, aluminium is particularly suited to anodising. During the process, oxygen atoms combine with the aluminium atoms on the surface being treated. The aluminium oxide coating that results from this process is fully integrated; it’s not an applied layer — therefore, it is extremely durable and abrasion resistant.

Whilst the technology of the anodising process hasn’t really changed for decades, the printing technology certainly has.

Options and Finishes For Your Anodised Products

We supply a satin anodised finish as standard, or to achieve a grained finish, we can also brush the material prior to anodising. We offer a range of material thicknesses, including 0.3mm to 3mm, with other thicknesses available as required.

With our leading digital printing process, we can reproduce full colour images, barcodes and unique ID. Assuming suitable images are supplied, there are no origination costs with the digital printing process. This can make it viable for low-volume production requirements as well as prototyping and development.

We are also able to offer anodising and printing of your free-issue components. It’s our aim to be your complete, one-stop supplier for all aluminium printing requirements.

Experienced In Your Market Sector

Anodised products can be suitable for a range of applications across many market sectors, particularly oil and gas, marine and construction where an extremely durable, hard-wearing solution is required.

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