Aluminium Labels

Aluminium Labels
Aluminium labels

Aluminium Labels

Aluminium Labels

GSM manufactures a range of aluminium labels suitable for many applications from serial number rating plates, CE plates, durable rugged barcode labels and logo badges.

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What Are Aluminium Labels Used For?

Aluminium labels can be used for a variety of purposes within various market sectors such as electronics and assembly, marine, military and warehousing and logistics.

Using a range of processes all of which are undertaken in-house, you will be able to have text and imagery printed on to an aluminium label. The aluminium material used is guaranteed to boost the longevity of your chosen text or graphic design.

A fantastic benefit associated with aluminium labels is their resistance to everyday wear-and-tear, as well as their hardiness in all weather conditions, making these an excellent choice for the labelling of any outdoor assets.

Why Choose GSM Graphic Arts for Your Aluminium Labels?

Our aluminium labels can be produced in different ways to suit various applications and budgets.

The most cost effective way is to surface print the text detail in a single colour onto anodised aluminium. This type of aluminium label would be suitable in a clean environment where the label would be at low risk of knocks and scrapes as the downside of this option is that the text could scratch or wear off.

For a more durable option, we offer fully anodised aluminium labels on which the aluminium is pre-anodised to open the pores of the material. The text is then either silkscreen printed or digitally printed into the pores of the aluminium and the sheets are then sealed which closes the pores to lock the inks within the grain. This provides an extremely durable and hard wearing finish to this type of aluminium which has passed salt mist and UV durability tests performed by external test houses.

If required, we are also able to create cut-outs for screw fixings which will allow you to easily install them onto the walls of machinery, inventory and more.

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Here at GSM Graphic Arts, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and are dedicated towards providing the best and most comprehensive customer service.

We are your first port of call for aluminium labels. If you would like to know more about our processes for creating aluminium labels, or would like to receive a quote for an order, then please call us on 01845 522 184 to discuss the best option for your particular application.

Alternatively, you can request your own brochure and we would be happy to send you a free sample pack outlining our comprehensive range of products.

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