GSM Graphic Arts has supplied decals and nameplates to the transport industry since 1974.

Nameplates and decals used within the transport market must be robust and hard-wearing. At GSM we offer various options for durable decals.

Anodised aluminium nameplates are a long-lasting plate that is used on many modes of transport. We manufacture anodised aluminium foil labels that are useful for items such as bicycles that have a curved surface. Anodised aluminium data plates are also manufactured for use on wagons and lorries due to the tough environment that they are subjected to under the chassis. Anodised aluminium locks in and seals the printed ink and information beneath the anodic layer to create a scratch resistant surface.

Stainless steel data plates are also widely used within this market as they can be etched and filled to provide maximum durability. These are used on transport vehicles such as industrial plant vehicles and diggers. As these products need to have clear indication of loads and manufactured dates we can leave space for you to stamp the information in yourself.

As more and more transportation methods are made to be electric we have more requests for plastic vehicle labels. We manufacture these in both polycarbonate and polyester amongst other various plastics. We can digitally print these labels should it be required for them to be serialised labels for the product. It is possible to incorporate raised or embossed buttons to house a switch within the overlay or vehicle label.

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