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GSM is the UKs leading manufacturer of rugged barcode labels

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GSM Graphic Arts’ rugged barcode labels range from anodised aluminium, etched stainless steel and even under-surface printed acrylic.

These provide a durable unique ID suitable for warehousing and stores including national distribution & logistics, tool hire and asset management applications.

As well as rugged barcode labels GSM Graphic Arts also manufactures and supplies safety signs and racking identity plates as well as floor signs making GSM the ideal supplier to provide all of your label and signage requirements.

In addition to producing pre-printed ID labels and tags GSM can also supply thermal transfer printable labels for in-house labelling solutions as well as the hardware and software to support these applications.

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  • Aluminium Labels

    Aluminium Labels

    GSM manufactures a range of aluminium labels suitable for many applications from serial number labels, rating plates, CE plates, durable barcodes and logo badges.

  • Barcode Hardware and Software

    Suppliers of Barcode and Data Collection Hardware and Software

    In addition to supplying all your rugged labelling, durable barcodes, asset labels and tags and security labels, GSM Graphic Arts can also provide you with data collection hardware and software.

  • Barcode Labels

    Linear, datamatrix and thermal transfer barcode labels

    With many years experience of producing unique identification and barcode labels GSM can reproduce both linear and datamatrix barcodes labels onto anodised aluminium, under surface printed polycarbonate and even stainless steel.

  • Digitally Printed Metal Labels

    Primodise digitally printed metal labels, nameplates and barcodes

    Primodise digital printing technique is a unique process allowing GSM to print high resolution images and infinite colour combinations into the surface of anodised aluminium which is then sealed.

  • Industrial Nameplates

    Industrial Nameplates

    GSM Graphic Arts is the UK's leading supplier of Industrial Nameplates with over 40 years manufacturing experience.

  • Metal Labels and Metal Nameplates

    We can manufacture all your Metal Label requirements.

    GSM Graphic Arts is capable of working with a large variety of different metals, including aluminium, stainless steel and brass.

  • Printed Labels

    Printed Labels

    GSM has been manufacturing printed labels for 40 years and are able to print onto almost any material including; stainless steel, anodised aluminium, plastic and vinyl using both screen and digital printing.

  • Roll Labels

    Roll Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts manufacture roll labels using a variety of materials.

  • Roll Labels and Roll Form Labels

    We can manufacture all your Roll Labels and Roll Form Labels

    GSM Graphic Arts can work with many different materials to manufacture your roll form labels. Whether you require paper labels, vinyl labels or polyester labels, we can manufacture the roll label for you.

  • Stainless Steel Nameplates

    Stainless Steel Nameplates

    For over four decades GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured stainless steel nameplates for use in some of the most severe and challenging environments.