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With vast experience of printing specialist labels for the Sports & Leisure market comes the latest technology and manufacturing methods to ensure we can supply hard-wearing and durable labels for products that are pushed to their limits by their users.

Our dedicated R&D team work with customers to develop labels that technically suit the product but yet can still be visually appealing too. This research and development led GSM to actively seek specialist external testing on our labels for UV durability. The test was carried out by an external registered testing company who tested GSM’s labels to ANSI specifications for UV durability to ensure that they retain legibility for a minimum of 5 years.

Whether the sport be cycling, golf or rehabilitation they all require equipment. In turn that equipment must have the correct warning and product labels affixed. GSM has the capability to print high resolution logos that are durable in the outdoors and resistant against excessive usage.

We provide an outdoor equipment manufacturer with digitally printed anodised aluminium instruction plates. Digitally printing the equipment nameplates enables us to print high resolution images and logos with full multi-colouring and shading. Anodising the plates seals the print into the pores of the aluminium creating a water, chemical and scratch resistant surface. This along with the UV inks we use create an outdoor label that will last.

A manufacturer of automatic bowling machines require a control panel whereby the fascias panels are essential. The graphic overlays can either be digitally or screen printing under the surface of the plastic material. Reverse printing the label creates a material barrier to prevent the ink been removed through excessive usage or scratching.

Domed badges are used by garden machinery manufacturers to create a luxury label that makes an outdoor chore feel like a leisurely activity. The ‘bubble badge’ creates a 3D effect using a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin that covers the printed logo. The resin can be applied to a variety of materials to create the 3D effect including; aluminium, stainless steel and plastic.

To find out more about how GSM can help to brand your sporting and leisure equipment, request a quote online or call 01845 522 184.

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