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Plastic Decals

Plastic Decals

At GSM, we are leading manufacturers of quality custom printed plastic decals, including in vinyl and polycarbonate.

Plastic decals have many uses and can offer a flexible, economical and robust option. They are often used in the transport and sports & leisure industries, sectors we’re proud to have worked closely with for over 45 years.

With our UK factory’s state-of-the-art facilities and processes, we are able to produce durable, bespoke plastic decals in a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and finishes — to suit any application.

  • Variety of plastics available, including vinyl and polycarbonate
  • Digital printing process allows for barcoded and serialised options
  • A choice of adhesives to best suit your application
  • UV resistant and anti microbial options available
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Our decades of experience and leading methods mean we’re perfectly placed to meet any plastic decal need or requirement. All of our products are produced in house to the highest British manufacturing standards — ISO 9001:2008.

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    Plastic Decals: A Decorative, Durable, Economical Signage Solution

    A plastic decal can be seen as a decorative sticker that’s suited to outdoor use on walls, floors, glass, metals and plastics. The decal can cover a large or small area and will contain a design that’s transferred or applied to another surface upon contact.

    Made up of three layers and with a vinyl or polycarbonate base, they can represent a versatile, cost-effective yet durable option for professional signage both indoors and outdoors.

    Manufacturing Bespoke Plastic Decals For All Markets

    Plastic decals are most often used in the transport and sports & leisure sectors, but can be required across many industries. Our manufacturing methods and facilities allow us to produce plastic decals in a range of different shapes, sizes, plastics and finishes to meet your specification.

    • Polycarbonate decals: These can be under-surface printed using our state-of-the-art digital printers to include a barcode, sequential data or other relevant information. They can also be laser cut to a custom size or shape tailored to your needs, ensuring a crisp and accurate finish.
    • Vinyl decals: Another popular material for plastic decals. Generally a vinyl decal can be printed and then cut to size and shape, depending upon your requirement, making them a great option for cut lettering. Because it is possible to digitally print the design directly onto the material, they can house data and large amounts of information. With a vinyl decal, the adhesive comes as standard so that the application of the label is quick, easy and pain free. Again, our design team can help you decide on the colours and layout to ensure you’re completely happy with the final design.
    • Customer adhesive decals: Our decals can be supplied with an adhesive applied to the rear that ensures a quick, easy application. Our experienced design team will help you to personalise your custom adhesive decals to include your company’s logo and any further information you require.

    Not sure which type of decal would best suit your needs? With over 45 years’ experience, we’re with you at every stage of your enquiry. Our team’s always on hand to make recommendations for layout and materials.

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