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Polyester Labels

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We are a leading supplier of custom polyester labels.

With state-of-the-art processes and almost 50 years’ experience working with all market sectors, we are perfectly placed to meet your polyester label requirements.

Choose from UV resistant, antimicrobial and anti-glare solutions, all manufactured to your exact specification and application.

  • A hard wearing and durable finish
  • A choice of adhesives to suit your application
  • UV Resistant & Anti Microbial options available
  • A choice of finishes available including textured and anti-glare
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Trust our team’s commitment to product quality and customer service; all of our labels are supplied to meet the highest British manufacturing quality standards, ISO 9001:2008.

Tell us about your requirements using the form below, including any information about application, quantity, size and colour. Unsure of a few details? We’d be delighted to advise.


    What Are Polyester Labels Used For?

    Polyester labels can provide protection against moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures — ideal for environments where products can be required to withstand abrasion, adverse weather conditions, UV, salt spray, solvents or simply general wear and tear. Polyester is a robust, hard-wearing and long-lasting material.

    Predominately used as product information or identification labels, polyester labels are commonly sourced across all sectors, including electronics and assembly, warehousing and logistics, sports and leisure, marine and audio, visual and lighting. These labels can also be used in the medical, instrumentation and catering industries where equipment may need to be frequently washed down.

    A Bespoke, Robust Solution For Your Precise Application

    Polyester labels are made up of three components: the polyester face material, an adhesive and a liner. They are smudge resistant, water repellent and easy to apply. Using our digital and screen printing processes, we ensure a smart, professional design that reflects impeccably on your brand and products.

    Depending on your requirements, yours can be manufactured to any variety of shapes and sizes. We also offer antimicrobial, anti-glare and UV resistant options — our products have been independently tested to ANSI specifications to ensure legibility for a minimum of five years.

    The adhesive varies depending on your application; we can help you to determine the best choice. We also produce all other types of plastic label, so are able to cover your entire requirements.

    Leading Antimicrobial Polyester Technology

    The polyester we offer has a special surface coating that cannot be worn away; this unique technology disrupts the biological functions of the bacteria to prevent them reproducing, protecting the label from any staining, odours and degradation caused by bacterial growth.

    Durable and easy to clean, these labels are commonly sourced for the medical, washroom and instrumentation industries.

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    We believe that our capabilities, experience and commitment to product quality and customer service make us the go-to, one-stop UK supplier of labels.

    Whether you know exactly what you need or you’d like a little help, start your project today by filling in our request a quote form and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. From design to manufacture and delivery, our team is with you throughout.

    We can also be reached by phoning 01845 522 184 or by emailing webenquiry@gsmgraphicarts.com. You might also like to request our brochure and sample pack.

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