Security & Surveillance

The Security & Surveillance Industry

Security Labels

Over four decades the security & surveillance market has improved and evolved at a rapid rate, and so has the demand for labelling the equipment.

GSM Graphic Arts has manufactured such labels for 40 years and although the methods and products remain the same, our investment into the latest technology and training has improved our capacity for printing security & surveillance labels.

Specialist labels for the security and surveillance market must be durable enough to withstand all forms of weather as security cameras and equipment tend to be used outdoors to prevent or deter criminals and monitor company or residential activity.

We offer weatherproof labels for security products that are suitable for use internally and externally. Anodised aluminium security labels can be digitally printed to provide serialised numbers on each label to also aid asset management. The process of anodising aluminium involves electrically charging the aluminium to open the pores of the material, then print the ink into the pores and finally seal the aluminium so the ink is effectively protected by the anodic layer.

Plastic labels can also be used outside and withstand all weather conditions. We use a variety of plastics that comes in a variety of thicknesses that we can under-surface print with UV inks to ensure the durability of the detail printed. We may digitally print these plastic labels which enables us to provide photographic imagery.

If you require any further information about the use of labels within the security and surveillance market please do not hesitate to contact us.

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