Aluminium Nameplates

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Aluminium Nameplates

Aluminium Nameplates

We offer serial number rating plates, logo badges, control panels, warning labels and safety signs. A complete one stop service for all of your aluminium nameplates suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Silkscreen or digital printing available
  • Anodised option for increased durability
  • Fixing holes or self-adhesive
  • UV & Salt mist durability tested
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    Durable Aluminium Nameplate Manufacturers

    Aluminium nameplates offer a resilient and durable option for displaying product details, barcodes and more. Aluminium is the ideal material for machine identification, equipment badges and a range of other needs. As aluminium nameplate manufacturers, we can provide anodised aluminium nameplates to your exact specifications.

    Aluminium nameplates are ideal for use in areas where they may be exposed to harsh conditions, as they are strong, lightweight and have good thermal conductivity. The nameplates are non-magnetic, non-toxic, non-sparking, and UV resistant too. Due to these properties, they have a range of uses from asset identification to barcode labelling, as they are ideal for serial numbering. They can also be used as machine rating plates, safety decals and building signage, including outside for parking and danger warning signs. We can provide anodised aluminium nameplates with screw holes, or they can also be applied to products using an adhesive backing.

    Our anodised aluminium labels are manufactured using an electrochemical process that transforms the surface into a durable anodic oxide coat. This means the aluminium gains a non-corrosive and protective coating, allowing for a longer life for the label.

    Our unique manufacturing process means we can offer anodised aluminium nameplates that include multi-coloured images, barcodes, QR codes, or your own unique ID. The detail displayed is printed into the anodic coat of the label, using specialist dye inks. This seals the artwork or information into the aluminium, providing a highly resilient nameplate that will never peel or wear through, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Aluminium Nameplates Manufactured to Your Specification

    Aluminium nameplates can be manufactured in a range of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. For more information or to discuss your aluminium nameplate specifications in more detail, contact our sales team on 01845 522 184 or request a quotation online today.

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