Metal Decals

Metal Decals

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom metal decals.

With state-of-the-art, in-house anodising, digital printing and etching capabilities, we’re perfectly equipped to meet any need or requirement.

Trust our specialist team’s decades of experience providing bespoke metal decals for all applications and all market sectors.

  • Silkscreen or digital printing available
  • Anodised aluminium option available for increased durability
  • Fixing holes or self-adhesive
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel offered
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All of our decals are manufactured to exact customer specifications and the highest quality standards — ISO 9001:2008.

Tell us a little more about your project below, including any details about application, quantity, size and colour. If you’re unsure of a few things, our team would be delighted to help and advise.


    What Are Metal Decals and What Are They Used For?

    Decals can be seen as ‘stickers’ used for professional decorative signage purposes, both internally and externally. They can vary in size and typically communicate information about a product, business or environment in a clear, visual way. They can play important roles in branding, education and safety.

    When applied in exterior or industrial environments, decals can be required to withstand extreme temperatures, adverse weather, UV, salt spray and even chemicals. Their use can span sectors including automotive, transport, agriculture, assembly, marine, oil and gas and many more.

    We have almost five decades’ expertise supplying decals with a durable, hard-wearing and stunning photographic finish — built to last.

    Our Leading Processes and Quality Metals

    From technical design through to engineering and delivery, your decal will be manufactured with your end use in mind. We can guide you through the various metals and processes available to ensure the very best solution for your application and budget.

    • Anodised aluminium: Perfect for a durable, hard-wearing and scratch-resistant finish. Raw aluminium is electrically charged, causing the pores of the material to open; this can then be either digitally or screen printed before the aluminium is sealed, creating a protective barrier to the ink, allowing us to recreate photographic imagery and serial numbers.
    • Etched stainless steel: An extremely robust solution commonly sourced by the marine, offshore and oil and gas industries. Manufactured using both 304 and 316 stainless steel, detail is etched away and then able to be infilled with a colour of your choice. The addition of molybdenum in 316 stainless steel makes it a particularly robust, corrosion-resistant solution.

    Products can be manufactured to your desired colour, design, size, thickness and adhesive method, as well as being able to be cut to include holes and corners, or to a customised design.

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    We aim to be a one-stop supplier for bespoke labels, combining excellent product quality with our customary top-notch customer service.

    Whether you know precisely what you’re after or would like a little assistance, trust our specialist team’s experience in manufacturing custom decals since 1974; get in touch to discuss your decal requirements.

    Get started by either filling in our request a quote form, phoning 01845 522 184 or emailing webenquiry@gsmgraphicarts.com. You might also like to request our brochure and sample pack.

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