UV Resistant Labels

UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels

UV Resistant Labels

UV Resistant Labels

We are leading suppliers of UV resistant labels.

Manufactured using quality materials with leading in-house processes, all of our products are tested to ANSI B71.4. This ensures unrivalled UV durability and colour stability for a minimum of five years.

With almost 50 years’ experience, trust our team to provide a complete solution that’s bespoke to your precise application.

  • Tested to ANSI B71.4 for decal durability
  • Minimum 5 years with no discolouration
  • Particularly suitable for exterior applications
  • Polycarbonate or anodised aluminium
  • Full-colour printed graphics and unique ID
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All of our products are produced to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, the highest of British manufacturing.

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    What Are UV Resistant Labels Used for and Why Are They so Important?

    Labels, nameplates, tags, logos, graphic overlays, control panels and warning signs play key roles in the identification, operation and safety of products, machinery and equipment. When applied externally — as they often are in the marine, oil and gas, transport, construction, security, aerospace and sports and leisure sectors — they can be subject to persistent direct sunlight.

    Ultraviolet rays, over time, break down chemical bonds and cause photodegradation. This can fade colours and render these labels unreadable, potentially causing confusion or even danger to users. A label that’s manufactured to be resistant to this natural process clearly has a distinct advantage by providing a more robust, long-lasting solution.

    Using either printed polycarbonate, polyester or anodised aluminium, we supply our customers with quality bespoke labels specially manufactured to resist UV and all manner of other external threats.

    Screen or Digitally-printed Polycarbonate: For a Visual, Robust UV Resistant Label

    A durable thermoplastic, polycarbonate exhibits excellent resistance to UV radiation, moisture, extremes of temperature and even chemicals. Despite being lightweight, it is resistant to abrasion and fire. An exterior grade of polyester can also be specified offering UV durability and chemical resistance

    With in-house silkscreen and digital printing processes, we can reproduce full-colour printed graphics and unique identification details on each product. Digital printing is particularly suitable for a highly visual solution.

    By being under-surface printed, your designs are fully protected by the plastic substrate, ensuring excellent colour stability.

    Anodised Aluminium: Unrivalled UV Durability for Very Harsh Environments

    Anodising is a unique process whereby aluminium is electrically charged in a sulphuric acid electrolyte bath. This opens up the pores of the metal, allowing secondary processes to take place — in this case, digital printing. The metal is then sealed, preserving your design underneath.

    Aluminium is an incredibly robust material delivering exceptional outdoor performance. It is resistant to corrosion, UV, moisture, temperature and humidity. Like polycarbonate and polyester, designs printed on this metal have excellent colour stability, guarding against the fading of dyes.

    These labels are suited to the most challenging exterior environments, which commonly includes offshore or oil and gas applications.

    Five-year No-fade Guarantee

    By testing to ensure conformity to ANSI B71.4 specifications, we provide a guarantee that your products have a minimum of at least five years’ legibility and colour stability.

    These tests take place at a registered independent testing facility; the process consists of cycles of light and dark, varying temperatures as well as water spray. The test totals 2,000 hours, during which time the samples are reviewed every 250 hours.

    This allows us to give our clients complete confidence that the inks will not fade and the material will not discolour — important for warning labels, serial plates or graphic overlays with LCD display windows.

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    Since 1974, we have been helping our wide-ranging customer base meet their varied requirements with bespoke, quality labelling solutions.

    To discuss your needs with our team, get in touch by phoning 01845 522 184 or by emailing webenquiry@gsmgraphicarts.com. You might also like to request our brochure and sample pack or testing certification proving our products’ UV durability tests.

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