UV Resistant Labels

UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels
UV resistant labels

UV Resistant Labels

UV Resistant Labels

GSM can produce UV resistant labels which are guaranteed not to fade within a minimum of 5 years. This includes screen printed and digitally printed polycarbonate labels as well as our anodised aluminium nameplates.

  • Tested to ANSI B71.4 for decal durability
  • Minimum 5 years with no discolouration
  • Particularly suitable for exterior applications
  • Full colour printed graphics and unique id



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    UV Resistant Labels With A Five Year No-Fade Guarantee

    Following a request from one of our US-based customers which manufactures garden machinery we were asked to ensure that all the warning labels would remain legible for a minimum of 5 years and so conformed to ANSI B71.4 for decal durability.

    We, therefore, went to a registered testing house and commissioned a Xenon Arc test consisting of cycles of light and dark, varying temperatures and water spray. The test totalled 2000 hours during which time the samples were reviewed every 250 hours. A copy of the test report is available on request.

    GSM offers its UV resistant labels with the confidence that the inks will not fade and the material will not discolour so we can also guarantee durability for graphic overlays with LCD display windows as well as for warning labels and serial plates.

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