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Metallic Labels

Metallic Labels

Have you considered using metallic finish labels in order to give your product labelling that extra dimension?

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Capable of creating a clean and professional look to your product, metallic finish labels are capable of combining functionality with fantastic aesthetics.

Metallic Labels From GSM Graphic Arts

Metallic labels designed and made by the team here at GSM Graphic Arts are produced by using a metallised substrate, whilst surface printing the text detail, which is protected by a UV lacquer or over-laminate, which provides a cost-effective metallic finish to the label. These can be supplied on a roll, in sheets or as individual specialist labels, suitable for logo badges, as well as product identity and rating labels.

Alternatively, to achieve a more robust finish, printed chrome and metallic inks can be under the surface printed onto Lexan Polycarbonate and Autotype Polyester. At GSM Graphic Arts, we are capable of creating products in a range of thicknesses to suit your particular requirements.

Metallic Labels For Control Panels And Graphic Overlays

When incorporating metallic labels into the design of your manufactured control panels and graphic overlays, the chrome and metallic inks can be printed selectively onto suitable overlay materials. By printing onto robust and flexible materials such as these, embossed switch areas and clear window areas for LED and LCD displays can also still be incorporated into the final design of the product.

The appearance of the chrome and metallic inks can be changed by printing behind textured, gloss and anti-glare finishes and we have even printed metallic inks onto brushed materials to give a true metallic label finish with the economics and flexibility of polyester labels.

Why Choose Metallic Labels?

GSM Graphic Art’s range of metallic labels can be produced to fit a wide range of custom shapes and sizes and are sure to fit your product perfectly. If you do not have any designs currently drawn up for your product, our experts can help you create your perfect metallic label from scratch.

Metallic finish labels will give your products a highly professional look and a durable protective surface. We will guide you through the process of getting the labels you need step by step. We are proud of our reputation for great customer service. If you need any help or advice, we are only a call away. We offer a fast turnaround on metallic label quotes, ensuring you experience no delays in your project.

Contact GSM Graphic Arts For Metallic Labels Today

If you would like to find out more about our range of metallic labels, please feel free to get in touch with our experienced team by calling 01845 522 184, or you can simply request a quotation online today if you are pressed for time. Our team are on hand to discuss your exact requirements and will be more than happy to assist you in your enquiry.


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