A tried and tested method

A tried and tested method

Like many methods that GSM Graphic Arts uses, silk screen printing is one that originated many years ago but due to its quality and sustainability it continues to deliver and serve as a well tested process.

Silk screen printing entered Europe in the 18th century to stencil patterns onto clothing and fabrics using a mesh. It was years after this that it became apparent that it was possible to print onto other materials.

Throughout the 19th Century wooden frames were used to hold the stencils in place. Today, metal frames are used to hold the screens in place and silk has been replaced with polyester.

Throughout the 1960’s Andy Warhol famously used the method for his art works. One of the more well known pieces was a screen print of Marilyn Monroe. Through Andy’s use of the screen printing method it became well known and respected by the general public.

In 1974 GSM Graphic Arts was founded and began its affair with the now extremely popular screen printing method.

40 years later, GSM’s capabilities are much greater and we are able to digitally print onto material, we still pride ourselves and our extremely skilled screen printing team for continuing to use the ancient method.

As part of GSM’s continued investment in the latest technology we have now added digital screen making to give us the cutting edge in screen preparation and further enhance our screen printing capability.

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