Aluminium Foil Label

Aluminium Foil Label

It is quite common to want a durable aluminium label that can also be applied to a curved surface area. GSM Graphic Arts manufacture anodised aluminium foil labels that can successfully be manipulated around curves.

These labels are offered in a variety of thicknesses to suit your bespoke application. We also offer a variety of adhesives to ensure that the labels stay in place.

We have the capability to digitally print foil labels to produce high-resolution imagery. Digitally printing the foil labels also enables us to serialise or barcode them to help with inventory or asset management. Alternatively, we can screen print the foil labels for higher volumes.

Aluminium foil labels are commonly used in the sports & leisure industry to identify/brand items such as bikes, gym equipment and other sporting apparatus. Due to the adhesive used and how flush the label sits against the substrate it makes it very difficult to remove, providing the perfect option for asset tagging items within any industry.

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