Aluminium Labels for use in the Warehousing & Logistics Sector

The warehousing & logistics market use a variety of labels including barcode, asset tagging and serialised number plates and one of the most durable and versatile products to use is aluminium labels.

GSM Graphic Arts has manufactured aluminium labels for over 40 years and with our investment into the latest technology we can anodised the aluminium in house.

Anodised aluminium is the process of electrically charging the metal to open its pores, we then either digitally or screen print into those pores before sealing the ink beneath the anodic layer. This process proves popular within the warehousing & logistics sector because it is durable and may be used internally or externally. It is essential that the labels used in warehousing & logistics industry are durable as they are often the only way of identifying products and assets.

Serialised aluminium labels are useful for asset management and therefore require individual serial numbers on them. To provide serialised labels we can digitally print, dot peen, laser mark or stamp the numbers into the metal.

Location labels are also used within this market to label and identify areas of warehouses and factories. Aluminium labels are also useful for the manufacture of these labels and we can also incorporate a barcode into the labels should your company used a barcode system.

We use aluminium labels for various applications so please contact us or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to find our more.