Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels have increased in popularity over the decades and are now used in all markets for various applications.

Warehousing and logistics companies use barcode labels for applications such as asset management and racking and distribution labels. Because of this variety in applications and locations GSM Graphic Arts manufacture a number of labels to suit them including; metal barcode labels, thermal transfer barcode labels and plastic barcode labels.

Plant Hire companies need to track their equipment as it comes and goes from their premises and are now opting to do this through the use of barcodes to avoid human error. GSM offer either an under-surface printed plastic barcode label or an anodised aluminium barcode label for this application as we understand that the label must be hard-wearing and difficult to remove.

The marine & offshore and oil & gas markets are responsible for using barcodes within some of the harshest weather conditions making the barcodes they require very unique in specification. We can use chemically etched and infilled stainless steel barcodes or we can laser through the stainless steel to ensure that we offer the most efficient and durable barcode label.

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