Case Study: GSM Work With Global Security Provider

Case Study: GSM Work With Global Security Provider

Over the course of our extensive history, we have spent time working with many businesses within the security and surveillance industry, on a whole host of projects.
In this article, we take a closer look at how we provided a cost-effective solution to a global security brand.


The Brief

We have worked with companies, big and small, providing a range of specialist labels for bespoke projects; however, this particular project was focused on providing a solution to the security providers office signage and labelling.

The security provider had recently moved office and was looking to ensure that the signage and labelling products used in their new space was of the very highest-quality. The company requested that each of their metal signage labels had a brushed finish to guarantee they had a genuine quality look and feel.

When it came to manufacturing the labels, the security company were looking to include some photographic imagery on some, and others would include variable printed information. Among the products that required a printing solution were sign-plates that were to be used throughout the staff kitchen. Each of the sign-plates would be used to house varying instructions for employees, which meant that our designers would need to create a durable, digitally printed solution.

The Solution

With the client’s requirements now outlined, our experts set about finding an ideal solution based on the brief. This was by no means a straightforward order, despite GSM Graphic Arts vast experience in digitally printing into anodised aluminium over the years; brushed aluminium is not stock, and can therefore be quite costly when dealing with a small amount.

As our client had clearly outlined a budget at the outset of this project, we had to explore other options in order to keep the overall project cost down. After some time considering our best options, our experts believed that printing the brushed effect onto the anodised aluminium digitally would be the most cost-effective solution, whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

GSM Aluminium

Anodising aluminium is the process of electrically charging the aluminium to open the metals pores. GSM Graphic Arts then digitally print into the open pores the detail required and then seal it to create an anodic layer that protects the ink creating a durable label for clients, that is suitable for the environment specified in the initial brief.

At the end of the project, GSM Graphic Arts were pleased to deliver the project on time, and on budget to the client. They were extremely pleased with the brushed finish on the aluminium sign, and felt that their requirements had been fully met with all of the products we provided.

GSM Solution

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